Go On Season 1 Finale Review “Urn-ed Run”

At the beginning of the series’ run, Go On was a show about people (namely Ryan King) attempting to move on from some tragic event. The storylines addressed how the tragedy affected the everyday lives of some of the characters. In particular, Ryan King seemed lost without the one woman who held him together. Somewhere along the line (I’m looking at you, Piper Perabo), the show became less about grief and seemed like it was actively trying to be a broader version of Community. As a result, the show was not very good. These characters simply aren’t funny enough on their own to make this show a true ensemble piece. Fortunately, the show’s final few episodes of the season have reminded me of why this show was interesting in the first place. The comedy can be witty, but it’s the quieter moments where the show rises a notch above every other mediocre comedy on television.

Tonight’s episode used those quieter moments to address two of the constants of the season: Ryan King’s inability to fully let go of his wife, and Lauren being identified as the worst grief counselor in the world (despite her best efforts). For his part, Matthew Perry was exceptional in the episode as he struggled with the idea of distributing his wife’s ashes. Ryan wants everything to be wonderful and perfect because he believes it is what Janie deserves. It just takes him the entire episode to finally arrive at the perfect location to distribute the ashes. The idea fit everything we have come to understand about their relationship. I truly felt for Ryan as he laid his wife’s ashes to rest. Whether she comes back to visit or not isn’t important. What is important is the level of the closure that the act provided. Sure, he can now sleep past 1:23, but Ryan King is by no means a healed person. He’s simply someone who feels a little better.

As for Lauren, while it was good to watch her get her mojo back, it was difficult to miss what a problem she is for the show. We never got enough of her and Wyatt outside of her interactions with the group to make me care about her personal life. Furthermore, the show can’t survive off the continued lampooning of one of the show’s main characters. It doesn’t totally work now, but it will really start to not work next season.

With some closure being provided to Ryan King, the show can start fresh next season (presuming there is one). If the show returns, what changes would you like to see made? What did everyone think of the season finale?