‘Drop Dead Diva’ “Angel” Carter MacIntyre Not Returning

Yep Drop Dead Diva fans you are reading that headline correctly!

Actor Carter MacIntyre, who played guardian angel Luke, last season on the cancelled then resurrected Lifetime series, will not be returning as a series regular for the show’s upcoming fifth season. With that being said, though, a report at TV Line gives a small silver lining: MacIntyre will appear in “a limited capacity during season 5”.

In the meantime, a new angel will be coming into the life of Jane Bingum (series lead Brooke Elliott) and here is what series creator Josh Berman has to share about that, “I’m psyched for our nationwide search to find a new angel…at the end of last season, Jane found herself in a terrible predicament — having kissed Grayson at her wedding to Owen. While a new angel might try to offer Jane guidance, Jane’s not really in the mood to be managed by anyone — especially a self-obsessed angel who just wants to have a good time on Earth.”

That angel will be named Paul and he is being described as “having an Abercrombie-ad body and the carefree attitude of a Zen surfer; he doesn’t get human beings’ obsession with his appearance, but his good looks, coupled with his charm, make life on Earth very easy for the transplanted angel”. It is also said that he is “blissfully unaware that he’s not the sharpest knife in the shed”. (Let the casting speculation begin!)

And, fans can still hold out hope that Jane’s first guardian angel, Fred (played by fan favorite Ben Feldman, who has been appearing in ‘Mad Men’), just might be back as he told the folks at TV Line that he “wouldn’t be surprised if we see him back” this year. (Okay let’s all “squee” together, right?!)

An official premiere date of season five of ‘Drop Dead Diva’ has not been set by Lifetime yet.