Yvonne Strahovski Will Return To ‘Dexter’

Actress Yvonne Strahovski will be returning to Dexter to reprise her role as Hannah, TV Line reports. Strahovski was last seen in season seven of the Showtime series. Her character Hannah broke free from prison, leaving town.

Executive producer Scott Buck shared a few details about Strahovski’s return. “I don’t know that Dexter can easily move past Hannah,” Buck said. Adding, “Even though he’s had other relationships in his life, this was the only truly honest relationship he had; the only instance in which he felt he was in love with someone. Who knows, years later he might be able to move past it, but I don’t think in this upcoming season he’s prepared to.”

It looks like the series star and Hannah have some unfinished business and since the eight season could be the show’s last, show runners may be looking to tie up the loose ends.

Strahovski recently appeared in the Seth Rogen comedy ‘The Guilt Trip’. She has also starred in the spy TV series ‘Chuck’ as Sarah Walker, ‘Outback’, ‘Killer Elite’, ‘College Humor Originals’, ‘Lego: The Adventures of Clutch Powers’, ‘Matching Jack’, ‘I Love You Too’, ‘The Canyon’, ‘Sea Patrol’, ‘BlackJack: Dead Memory’ and ‘Headland’.

Dexter’s eighth season is scheduled to premiere on June 30.