CSI Season 13 Review “Sheltered; Backfire” – Nothing to Get Excited About

It hasn’t been a stellar two weeks for CSI, with the episodes “Sheltered” and “Backfire.” Both of them contained convoluted plots that, frankly, failed to hold my interest. It really feels like the writers are starting to dial it in…and that they are really, really invested in Morgan. Anyone else noticed that?

Starting with last week’s episode, “Sheltered” was one giant mess of coincidences, with a murderer who was obvious from the moment he appeared on screen, especially if you’ve ever seen One Tree Hill. Paul Johansson was a killer then and he’s still playing a killer now; he just looks like one, I guess. Poor guy.

I wanted to be touched by the story contained within the murder, about a father who was so traumatized by the violent death of his wife that he decided to raise his daughter in a bunker underground, but it just felt way too preachy. The end scene in which DB actually waxed on about what was important in their future…dude, you’re a CSI, not a counselor. There was a reason why, even when emotionally affected by a case, Grissom just went off to ride a roller coaster.

But DB is the king of getting emotionally involved. I think he might even de-throne Nick, the former champion of taking it personal. In this week’s episode, “Backfire,” he couldn’t stop thinking about his granddaughter when a home invasion and quadruple murder left one little girl alive in a home full of bloody bodies. I swear, by the end it was all he could do to keep it together.

As for Morgan, it just seems like she’s at the center of every investigation these days. She gets more screen time than Nick and Greg and Sara put together! I mean, she’s a sweet girl, but it’s like watching Barbie investigate crimes every week. At least this week we got some great scenes with Joss Whedon gal, Amy Acker, as a possible Black Widow, or just a girl with the worst dating luck. I hope they bring her back. I love the idea of Hodges having a nemesis.

I know a lot of the hard-core fans who were still hanging on have given up now that Sara and Grissom have separated, but the writers don’t seem too concerned with giving them compelling reasons to hang on, which means that the CSI boat might be sailing for the Undying Lands soon.

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