Survivor: Caramoan Review “Cut off the Head of the Snake”

Survivor: Caramoan returned tonight with a very rare occurrence, as we actually don’t see the tribe return to their camp at night after last week’s shocking tribal council. We actually skip ahead to the next morning, as we see the fallout from Corrinne’s blind side last week. Malcolm is by far the most affected, as Corrinne was his closest ally in the game, but he’s still got a completely secret immunity idol in his pocket. It’s very rare nowadays that people keep their idols a secret, so it’s good to see that he’s at least starting the episode with a well-kept secret.

We get quickly to the very fun reward challenge, which took place in a very cool river-side location. We basically only ever see the challenges take place at the beach or in the middle of a large clearing in the jungle, so it was cool to see a change of scenery with the challenge taking place somewhere completely different. I know it’s a little thing, but after 26 seasons it’s nice to see the Survivor crew making any changes at all!

Well Cochran’s team of all dudes ended up winning the challenge, and they’re all sent to a pretty boilerplate Survivor reward involving rappelling down a waterfall and a picnic. The most notable result here was Reynold proposing to “Bro down” and make an all-males alliance with he and Eddie, Michael, Erik and Cochran. Cochran, however, is having no part of that! I absolutely love Cochran this season, as he quickly puts this idea to bed saying that he has no interest in allying himself with them.

The immunity challenge was one that we’ve seen on Survivor before, as the contestants had to try to keep their heads above water as the tide rose, but I’d forgotten how difficult it is to watch! The music was great here, and the HD close-ups of everybody sputtering and choking really got you into it. It’s an incredibly simple concept, but it was just as much fun to watch as any of the more elaborate challenges that the Survivor challenge crew thinks up.

The build-up to tribal was very similar to last week, as the main Stealth-R-Us alliance had to choose between blindsiding a strong player or making the safe elimination. Despite a crazy last-minute swerve with Reynold playing alliance for Malcolm, neither of those guys needed any saving. Michael was sent home, and is the first member of our jury! That means that the Ponderosa videos will be starting up tonight over on, so go check those out and tune back in next week!

Random Thoughts:

– Cochran continued his hilarious celebrations this week with his whooping and jumping after making his shot in the reward challenge. It’s clear that this guy does not have much experience in winning physical challenges of any kind, and it’s hilarious.

– It’s not often that I notice the music on this show, but it was so great tonight. The creepy, suspenseful music playing during the immunity challenge was great. Also, the pulsing beat that started as soon as Eddie told Andrea about the votes for her was perfect.

– I like that the only notable thing that Erik said all night was “Bug”, as he picks one out of Andrea’s hair at tribal.