New Girl Season 2 Review “Bachelorette Party” – Dead Dad Card

With three weeks to go until CeCe’s wedding, Jess decided that even though she hadn’t been asked to be the maid of honor, she would undertake one of the position’s responsibilities in “Bachelorette Party,” this week’s New Girl. But although CeCe had been planning her hen party like most girls plan their walk down the aisle, when it actually came down to it, she was almost too caught up in being a good Indian bride to enjoy the debauchery, much less appreciate Jess for putting it all together.

A lot of CeCe’s ‘tude had to do with the fact that she won’t be sampling (or even seeing) her future husband’s goods until after the ceremony, not to mention that that several members of his family had flown in from India to watch her prepare for the wedding in stony, judgemental silence. To say she was on edge would be an understatement, especially with Schmidt demanding to bring a date on the off chance a sudden burst of jealousy might make her jilt her fiancee at the altar. She told him he could only bring a serious girlfriend, which led to a series of hilarious proposals of former one-night stands, until he came across his girlfriend of four years, the girl he dumped when he got skinny and she stayed real-sized.

I liked this girl. I liked that she got Schmidt to eat pizza and apologize for being a jerk. Will we see more of her in the future? I can only hope.

Meanwhile, the wedding rolls on, now that CeCe’s fears have been momentarily laid to rest with the knowledge that her fiancee is a really nice guy who just wants to make her happy. Are we going to see her go through with the marriage? I kind of want her to; it would certainly be different for a sitcom.

Oh, and in the course of trying to get a picture of CeCe’s man’s penis, Jess got to see a picture of Nick’s, and even though he was wearing his dead dad’s butter-colored track suit for the whole episode (because having a dead dad gave him a license to do whatever he wanted), his package was apparently quite appealing. Maybe their adolescent romance will get kicked up a notch by the end of the season? Again, I can only hope.

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