NCIS: Los Angeles Season 4 Review “Purity” – Callen Takes One for the Team

NCIS: Los Angeles - Purity

In this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, called “Purity,” the team hunts down a terrorist group that is planning to poison the water supply, meanwhile Deeks regales Kensi with tales of how to get the most out of your tax refund.

There was so much Callen-goodness in this episode. Who knew when they started tracking down a homegrown terrorist group bent on killing bad guys with cyanide that Callen would end up taking some of that cyanide, talking down a kid who was about to poison a good portion of the city and then end up playing catch with the same kid? Well, that’s what happened and I loved all of it. When Callen actually drank the water, I just assumed that they must have somehow done some sleight of hand and switched out the barrels in a scene we hadn’t seen. But then when he started coughing, I got worried – nice trick that he had the antidote on him. And the final scene with Callen and Alex was great. It sucked that Alex had to go to foster care, but it was awesome that Callen went to visit him. With a role model who’s already been through the system and survived, Alex should be just fine. A part of me kind of hopes that we’ll see Alex again because I just enjoyed seeing Callen interact with a kid.

Then of course there was the Deeks and Kensi/taxes secondary storyline. I get the biggest kick out of the fact that he’s the organized one and she’s the slob in that partnership. Plus, Hetty arranging for the elaborate April Fool’s joke was hilarious. That Hetty is so very sneaky.

My favorite bits..

“If you built a time machine and didn’t tell me about it, I’m going to be pissed!”

Kensi trying to claim that people who did their taxes early were nerds.

I’m with Sam and Callen – I love Deeks but there’s no WAY I’d let him do my taxes for me.

Eric blowing a whoopee whistle. The funniest part? The fact that my closed captioning called it a “whoopee whistle.” Who knew that’s what they were called?

“Where does one get cyanide?” “”

Deeks calling Kensi “Mopey Dick.”

Kensi telling Deeks to take the stripper pole for a spin. Oh, how I wish he’d taken her up on that.

Deeks trying to claim that his request to view the footage from the Champagne Room was completely legitimate.

“We can watch them together.”

Deeks happily diving into a trash can.

“If you smell like garbage, you’re taking the train home.”

Finding it kind of a hilarious coincidence that there was apparently a drum of cyanide missing from the town where my accountant is. And I was just there getting my taxes done yesterday.

Sam informing Callen that he’s wasn’t a Mathelete, he was a Junior Math Olympian.

Wait. Deeks was attacked by a Hellhound? How did he see it without the special glasses that were…oh wait. Wrong show.

Being very happy to find out that Deeks didn’t shoot the dog.

Deeks describing all the things that would be deductible after his little run-in with the dog.

Sam actually trying the stuff in the barrels. Boy, he must’ve been very confident that they had salt. Whew.

Hetty handing Deeks his sewer worker’s uniform.

Deeks trying to speak French.

“I hear footsteps. Either there’s a really large rat or Javert is closing in.”

The old guy describing to Kensi what kinds of movies his neighbors like to shoot in their back yard.

Sam wiping Callen’s spit off his face during Callen’s speech.

Kind of getting a kick out of Sam and Callen’s fake fight.

Deeks claiming that he was hearing a “mocking bark” from the dog in the back yard.

Callen’s cover being blown. Uh oh.

Callen drinking the cyanide?? Okay wait. They must have switched out the barrels, right? RIGHT??

Sam finding Callen with syringe full of antidote. Whew!

Deeks wisely backing down when Callen asked if he wanted to arm wrestle.

“Agent Callen?”
“Yeah, I’m back from the dead.”

Callen talking Alex down from pulling that valve.

Kensi walking in on Deeks cleaning her desk.

Poor Deeks getting served …with an April Fool’s joke. OMG that was awesome! Especially since it was Hetty’s idea.

Callen playing catch with Alex.

Callen reassuring Alex that if he slept well the first night, it meant he was in a good place. So sweet.

The Final Blackout Moment being the sound of the ball landed in their gloves.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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