‘Continuum’ Season 2 Trailer: How Far Will Kiera Go To Get Home?

Continuum - Season 1

The latest trailer for Continuum season two is all about beginnings and endings. Of course, given the Canadian series’ time travel themes, endings and beginnings have a way of blending together.

What sets this trailer apart from the first two is that it actually features new footage. We see Kiera (Rachel Nichols) promises that she’ll do everything possible to make sure history ends up like it should. Of course, that’s probably much easier to do when she’s not being chased down creepy corridors by men brandishing needles. Check out the trailer below!

Season two of Continuum premieres Sunday, April 21st on Showcase in Canada. American viewers will have to wait a little longer; the new season begins airing in the states, Friday, June 7th at 10PM on Syfy.