The Carrie Diaries Season 1 Review “Kiss Yesterday Goodbye”

It could be the end of the beginning for young Carrie Bradshaw and her friends, should The Carrie Diaries be cancelled after just one season, but let’s hope not, since this finale left so many interesting story threads ready to be explored in future episodes. I’ve always had a lukewarm opinion of this show, with the teen drama clichés grating on me far too often, but the series it left us with – Carrie and Walt living in New York for the summer – is certainly one I’d be tuning back in for.

But what about this finale? Well, like this first season as a whole, the episode was sweet, frustrating and nostalgic, as all of the characters (except, strangely, Donna) revisited their issues one way or another. Carrie herself is still reeling from her breakup with Sebastian at the start of the episode but, two reunions later, they’re happily snuggling together on his bed. But the other big element of the episode was secrets being revealed, and Sebastian had some doozies. First, Carrie found out that he knew her dad was dating, and then about his drunken kiss with Maggie. Happily ever after – cancelled.

What led to Maggie’s indiscretion with her best friend’s boyfriend was the realization that a good portion of her own life was built on a lie. Discovering Walt’s true sexuality must have been tough, but outing him in front of a diner full of his peers was pretty low. Maggie is an important part of the show but always seems to have the least going on out of the four girls – I hope this changes if we get a second season, since it’s felt like we’ve just been waiting for the big gay shoe to drop for thirteen weeks.

Mouse and Dorrit provide some light relief from all of this drama, with both their romances reaching satisfying crescendos by the end. Mouse and West are now officially a couple, but she’s too afraid to tell her ‘racist’ parents because they want her to date someone of the same social standing. When she finds out that the status they want to maintain isn’t so high and mighty after all, she plucks up the courage to introduce West to the family. It looked like it was going well in the final montage, so I guess this is one story we can consider wrapped up should we never see the fallout.

Dorrit and Tom, meanwhile, can also enjoy happy endings. In direct contrast to Carrie’s neurosis and inability to live in the moment, Dorrit is absolutely sure about what she wants to feel and when she wants to feel it – leading to a very healthy loss of virginity plot line that The Carrie Diaries can be proud of. It was also interesting to see the tale of a single parent beginning to date again, and Tom’s scene with Carrie when they discuss ‘the gym’ was one of my personal highlights. Not all of the Bradshaws are unlucky in love, after all.

Rounding off the couples dealt with in this episode – Miller wants to wait until Walt is eighteen before they date, but at least he’s comfortable enough for that to happen now. We leave Carrie and Walt in Manhattan, where they’ll be living for the summer, and I really wish we could see what happens in full. If we do get a second season, will we be starting off at the beginning of the next school year, or seeing how Carrie deals with her first big city job? I hope it’s the latter, but I doubt they’d give us what we want so soon. We did at least hear of our first Sex and the City character – Miller is roommates with Stanford.

If nothing else, one thing this episode did right was the final shot of Carrie walking through Manhattan, dressed to the nines and ready for whatever life is going to throw at her. This forward motion towards Carrie’s eventual persona is satisfying for Carrie Diaries and Sex and the City fans alike, and it got me wishing for more episodes to explore that journey.

What did you think of the episode, and the season as a whole? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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