Revolution Season 1 Review “The Song Remains the Same”

Revolution Episode 13 The Song Remains The Same (5)

This week’s Revolution, ‘The Song Remains the Same’, saw the secret of the blackout revealed and Neville captured by the rebels. It was quite a good episode — as long as you were able to suspend your disbelief in the face of a ridiculous revelation.

To start with the easiest part of all of this: the rebels capture Neville and glean information about where he was headed. They do this by getting his son Jason, now a shiny new member of the rebellion, to play nice with him. The information leads them to a small town where Randall Flynn has taken Neville’s place and is collecting something. He gets away, but Miles realises just what Flynn took with him — a nuclear bomb.

This really ups the ante; Monroe now has both power and a means of wiping out his enemies. Mere possession of this bomb gives him the power to take over the entirety of America. Of course, Rachel doesn’t want that to happen. She decides to give power back to the masses. This is where things get weird.

Rachel explains how the blackout actually happened. The device she and Ben created, along with their scientist coworkers, released tiny virus-sized nano particles into the world. These little computers were given two commands: absorb electricity and replicate. They are so small that, as Rachel says, everyone is breathing them in. But there’s begins the problems: if there were no commands to control the tech’s movement or to cease their replication, how were Rachel and co ever going to control it, to confine it to a certain area? Was this Randall’s plan all along? Or would even he have been given pause if he had known about this issue?

Another issue not addressed is that humans are breathing these particles in. Why aren’t their electrical signals disrupted? It’s pretty amazing that this tech didn’t kill everyone. That is something that needs to be addressed soon because it’s sort of ridiculous.

This episode saw Rachel leave with Aaron to go to ‘the tower’. Their aim is to turn the power back on. Rachel point blank says that she’ll probably die and yet she doesn’t choose to share information about the blackout with anyone but Aaron before she leaves. It’s a good thing Charlie overheard, or this would be one of the stupidest things to ever happen in this show.

The best part of this episode for me was Neville going home to collect his wife. Given what happened during the course of the episode, Neville no longer has a place in Monroe’s militia. But what will he do next? It seems as though he only has two options: go it alone or join the rebellion. The latter would be a very interesting move, especially since as we saw this week Neville is manipulative and puts himself and his wife above even his own son. If there’s one thing from this episode that makes me eager for the next, it’s this…

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