“Everybody Needs Backup” In The New ‘Rookie Blue’ Season 4 Trailer

Rookie Blue "I Never" Season 3 Finale (4)

Andy is back!

As if there was ever any doubt, the new Rookie Blue season four trailer (embedded below) features the show’s central rookie returning from her stint undercover to find things have changed at the 15 Division during her time away. Her ex, Sam, is now a detective and dating someone new– a turn of events that will surely cause a fair amount of drama for the on-again/off-again couple. “Adapt or die,” Sam tells Oliver, but somehow I doubt moving on from his relationship with Andy will be so simple.

Elsewhere, Dov complicates his life by having a one-night stand with Frank’s goddaughter, Traci is distracting herself from the loss of her fiancé by focusing on work and Nick’s doubts threaten his relationship with Gail. Of course, all of their personal problems are in addition to the requisite shoot-outs and hostage situations that come with being on the force.

Season four of Rookie Blue premieres Thursday, May 23rd on ABC.