Cougar Town Season 4 Review “Don’t Fade on Me; Have Love Will Travel”

Cougar Town ended its fourth season on a strong note with “Don’t Fade on Me” and “Have Love Will Travel.” The two-part finale didn’t do a whole lot to push the characters forward, but it did feature just about everything that defines the show’s humor and quirky characters.

The first half of the episode was full of great callbacks. Particularly fun was the listing of all of the changed sayings Jules has come up with over the years. Of course, seeing as the season was nearing the end, it was appropriate for Jules to lose another of her special wineglasses, leading to the introduction of Big Tippi.

It was also nice to be reminded how far Grayson has come as a member of the group. He still tries to be the voice of reason when he can, but the fact that he used some of Jules’ sayings to try and lift her spirits shows he’s much more willing to take part in the madness than he used to be. The finale also did a good job of showcasing the fact that Grayson’s not always as cool as he thinks he is, with the callbacks to his attempted acting career his dorky side.

In regards to the season’s overarching plot, it was a surprise to see the finale downplay Travis and Laurie’s relationship so much. There was a lot about their attempts at a romantic first kiss, but the other characters didn’t have much of a reaction to the news that they were dating. Honestly, it was a refreshing approach. After four seasons of “will they, won’t they,” it was nice to see the others had just accepted the fact that the two were together.

This meant that the focus fell to Jules’ father Chick, who had recently found out – and forgotten – that he had Alzheimer’s. Chick usually serves to lighten the mood on the show, so it was a change to see him in a more vulnerable position. That said, Ken Jenkins did a great job of showing the character’s softer side. Chick’s story of how he met his wife was a standout moment.

Overall, though, Cougar Town ended the season on a more reflective note than in the past. Instead of big life changes or dangling plot threads, the show left viewers with the knowledge that the Cul-de-Sac Crew can face any challenge together, wineglasses in hand.

What did you think of the season finale? Glad to know the show will be returning for a fifth season? Let me know in the comments!