Broadchurch Series 1 Episode 6 (ITV) Review

We’re nearing the end of ITV’s fantastic crime drama, and the list of suspects for Danny’s killer is dwindling by the second. This week we focused on not one, but two of the remaining candidates – Reverend Paul, who’s known to take night-time strolls from time to time, and Susan Write, a woman who has turned lurking into an art form since Broadchurch began six weeks ago.

After Hardy took a back seat last week to make room for a largely standalone look into Jack Marshall’s past, Tennant is barely off the screen. His funny turns are getting more frequent with a near collapse at Marshall’s wake, a full-on collapse in the office after hours, and then a life-threatening attack at a crucial moment of pursuit. It’s obviously stressful moments that set off whatever condition he has, but it’s a bit inconvenient when you have a murder to solve. Dubbed the ‘worst cop in Britain’ also doesn’t help his fragile mental state and, even if he manages to solve the case, it’s doubtful whether he’ll be able to get over his past.

But on to the suspects! As mentioned, Paul has been looking increasingly suspect of late and now Hardy has caught on to that fact, too. Following him on one of his night-time walks and uncovering his membership to Alcoholics Anonymous, Hardy then finds out that one of his past binges led to an assault on a child. We don’t quite know what this ‘assault’ entailed, since Paul described it as a “joke gone too far,” but it certainly doesn’t look good for him. The truth is, however, that Hardy is after him because of his dislike for the church, who he feels are prone to taking advantage of tragic situations in the media.

Since the finger is being pointed in his direction for other dramatic reasons, we can probably assume that Paul isn’t responsible for Danny’s murder – at least directly. The same goes for Susan Wright, who I’m now assuming is involved in some other way. She does something very strange this week by freely giving Tom Miller Danny’s skateboard, knowing full well that his mother was investigating the case. Did she want to get caught? Her main concern seemed to be her dog, which we saw meet the wrong end of Nige’s crossbow, and her undisclosed dark past suggests that, like with Jack Marshall, there’s something else going on.

Now my main suspects are Joe Miller, whose joke about Ellie interrogating him might come back to haunt us, Tom Miller, who is seen trying to destroy evidence on his laptop in the woods, and young journalist Ollie. The list is streamlined somewhat by the assumption that the hooded figure Miller and Hardy pursue at the end is actually the killer. That rules out Paul, Tom, Nige and Mark among others, since a quick montage of everyone’s whereabouts means we can only choose from a select group of people. Is it possible that the distracting phone call to Ellie’s phone was meant to be just that – and it was her husband under that hood?

But it’s not all doom and gloom, as a sharp shock from a fellow grieving mother leads Beth to embrace the life she has left. Mark takes his girls out to the arcade, where they laugh for the first time in eight weeks, and it seems that the trivial problems of the Latimers have faded away. She’s going to keep the new baby, and we might just get a happy ending for them in two weeks time.

What did you think of the episode? Who is at the top of your suspect list now? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.