Being Human Season 3 Review “Ruh Roh”

It was an action-packed finale on “Being Human,” amusingly and accurately-titled “Ruh Roh,” after the famous exclamation of everyone’s favorite crime-solving canine, Scooby-Doo. Lots of juicy revelations and showdowns ensued, with the stage set for an interesting next season. There was some calm before all the storm, however, as Aidan sealed the deal with Kat finally, and Sally and Aidan had a lovely heart-to-heart about all the damage they’d caused as of late.

How cute was it watching Aidan fumble with the move-making on Kat? You’d think he’d have some deft seduction skills after all this time, but, as Sally noted bemusedly, his “bush talk” wasn’t cutting it. He got there eventually, though, and none too soon, as the mistletoe hit the fan shortly thereafter, starting with Kat’s discovery of Sally’s rotting, mutilated corpse. D’oh! (Or should I say, ruh-roh!)

Once again, you’d think Aidan would have the whole compelling thing under control, but he ended up having to get Blake back to help him make Kat forget her BF was making like Norman Bates and his mother. One problem, he promised her a favor, and Lord knows what Blake will use it for on down the line. I guess we’ll find out next season.

As if being in Blake’s debt wasn’t enough to deal with, we saw in his flashbacks that, upon his return as a vampire back in the day, the townspeople, led by the preacher that gave Aidan such grief in previous episodes, captured and ultimately killed his wife, Suzanna, after accusing her of witchery. Well, it would appear that they might just be right, as we saw that Suzanna was back and seemingly alive and well and, as of the end of the episode, back in Aidan’s neck of the woods.

If I had to hazard a guess, I would say that she will become a regular next season, and possibly aid the gang in rescuing Sally from the nefarious Donna’s clutches. The real question is, where has she been all this time, and why hasn’t she sought out Aidan before now? For that matter, is she good or evil? Is she a witch, as accused, or something else altogether? Either way, it was interesting seeing Aidan in full revenge mode, as he took out the meddling preacher and a few others for good measure.

Getting back to Sally, as suspected, we hadn’t seen the last of Donna. She reappeared towards the end, recreating Sally’s death in order to create a “death spot,” or rather, to reveal it so that it could be destroyed, or something. Whatever the case, it took Donna and Sally with it as it sealed up with them inside. Donna alluded to knowing Sally’s strengths better than she did, and that being why she targeted her in the first place, but to what ends exactly?

I guess we’ll have to wait to find out next season, but unlike Suzanna, I have no theories as of yet for this one. I honestly have no idea what Donna is up to, beyond trying to accumulate as much power as possible for some unknown, as of yet unrevealed reason. World Witch Domination, perhaps? (Yep, it’s the WWD!) Come to think of it, maybe Suzanna’s back to help Donna get back to Earth. You can never tell with this show, it could go either way.

Josh and Nora finally got their wolf-down with Liam, but that didn’t exactly go as planned, either. After killing and torching an assembly of mutant werepires, they tailed Liam back to the house, where he was going to town on Aidan. I don’t know about you, but Aidan getting shot caught me completely off-guard, reminding me of a similarly out-of-nowhere scene on a fairly recent episode of “The Walking Dead.” Things only accelerated from there, culminating in a knock-down, drag-out fight between Liam, Nora, Josh and Aidan, in which Aidan got staked to the wall and Nora ended up nearly killed by a ravenous Kenny, now up and about as of this episode and none too happy about being a werepire.

As if all that weren’t bad enough, it was ultimately Aidan that killed Liam, with a little unexpected help from Sally, who channeled her rage against Liam a few times, with the help of Donna, albeit unbeknownst to her at the time. That meant that Josh’s maker was killed by someone else, and thus, Josh was permanently stuck as being a werewolf.

Indeed, it would seem as if he were stuck being a wolf, period, as he stayed one after his initial transformation, even after Nora changed back. But was that because Liam was a pureblood, or did it have more to do with his going through the witch’s door? Remember that vision he had before they came out the other side? Whatever the case, that’s not good, obviously.

Also not good: Aidan’s decision to set Kenny free. That is going to have some serious repercussions, I suspect. He already almost killed Nora, and it was revealed by Liam that the werepires have no self-control and have been slaughtering innocents, including children. That can’t end well for Kenny. Maybe killing him would have been an act of mercy after all.

All in all, this was a much more satisfying resolution of events than the previous episode. We got a much more entertaining showdown with Liam than the witch-down with Donna, as well as the revelation that Donna was by no means defeated in the first place, but was, in fact, only getting started. The reveal of Suzanna being alive was completely unexpected, and welcome, as I’m a big fan of actress Katherine Isabelle. I’m not sure what they’re going to do with the Josh being stuck as a werewolf thing, but that should be interesting as well.

What did you think of the “Being Human” finale? Were you happy with the twists? How about the big wolf/vamp/ghost/werepire-down with Liam? Should they have killed him off, or was it the right time? Where do you think they’re going with the Donna thing? How about Suzanna? Are Aidan and Kat doomed as a couple once he realizes his wife is back? What is Nora going to do about Josh? What trouble do you think Kenny will get into?

Let me know what you think below, and thanks for reading my column this season, and for all your invaluable comments! See you next season!

  • ptjackson

    So, am I strange to want to know what happened to Isaac? I mean, telling a little kid to run, the townspeople who were afraid of evil would surely want to get him too – and kill him? If you are right that Susanna is a witch, surely she would have stopped that? I just need to know…..

    Otherwise – ditto to all that you said, I have the same questions, and reactions – I really did enjoy the twists, and was also caught gobsmacked by Aidan being shot!

    When does this show return??

    • Mark Trammell

      I almost mentioned the Issac thing, too, so you’re not alone in wondering about that. My hope is that Suzanna did indeed come to his rescue, but with this show, you never know.

      I don’t think the show will return until next year, but I don’t know the exact date. I don’t know for sure if the show was even renewed yet, but it seems likely, I would think.

      • simon says

        isaac could have gotten away (aidan killed a lot of the townspeople, maybe he even went after him) and suzanna could have died. the woman from the cab could be a descendant of isaac’s. but she might be a witch or even a vampire. or brought back to life by a witch, maybe even donna. who knows?

        and the series was renewed. yesterday, i think.

        • Mark Trammell

          You are correct, sir. It was announced after the last search I did. (
          I think suzanna’s a witch, but I guess I already said that. I think Issac got away, too, but I’m not sure what became of him. I suppose it’s possible that the Suzanna we saw at the end of the show was his descendant- you just never know on this show!

        • Mark Trammell

          Agreed on Issac, but he’d be long dead by now…unless his father turned him along the way somewhere. I guess we’ll have to wait and see on that one.

          I think Suzanna’s a witch, but then I said that already. I would be surprised if she was working for or even against Donna. She might well have been the one that arranged for Aidan to become a vampire in the first place.

          At the time I wrote the reply above the show hadn’t been renewed, as I did a search at the time. Since then, it has. Here’s a link to the confirmation:

          As you see, the original version was not so lucky!

          • simon says

            i like the idea that suzanna arranged for aidan to become a vampire. that would explain why she was so ok with that. and it would be a way better story for next season when she is part of the ‘fight’, on either side.

          • ptjackson

            Actually, it is kind of funny – I started watching the British version based on a friend’s recommendation, before the US version came out. I stopped because my hearing pretty bad and I could not follow the dialogue with the thick accents and the rapidity of their speech. So, when SyFy announced they were doing their own version, I was happy!

            • simon says

              i watched the us version first. a friend told me about it an funny thing, he only watched the uk version. i watched the uk pilot after season one of the us show. and i didn’t like it as much. i’m not sure why, it’s been a while. maybe i just got used to the actors or something.

              • ptjackson

                I think that cultural references make the US version easier for us to relate to.

        • ptjackson

          The idea of Suzanna being a witch brings a whole new dimension to Aidan’s conversation with Donna, don’t you think?

          It just looked to me like Aidan killed a few, but there were a lot more there that likely ran away when the carnage started, but a boy of Isaac’s age -where would he go?

          • simon says

            yes, he didn’t kill all of them. at least we didn’t see him kill them. the story didn’t end when they cut away. so it’s possible he went after them and isaac. if not, i’m not sure what happend to him. picked up by strangers, or he knew where relatives lived. maybe will find out some day.

            and i’m drawing a blank on aidan’s conversation with donna. what did she say to him?

            • ptjackson

              Yes, I am hopeful that they will continue filling in the blanks of Aidan’s story…

              As for Donna and Aidan, I was thinking about the brief conversation about who was older, and musing if she was from Salem. I think that kind of does give an interesting twist if Susanna was also a witch, as they were in the same general area and could have known each other. Or maybe I’m making more of it than there was…. 😎

  • simon says

    so where do i start? i think kat and aidan are doomed period. he said to sally that i is better when both parts in couple are the same. and he had blake wipe her memories. that’s not really a healthi relationship. so he doesn’t even need to see suzanna to mess the relationship up but with her in the picture…and blake knows about kat now, so that can’t be good either.

    i don’t think donna knew that sally was so strong when she first met her. and she didn’t choose her. she said she liked her because she is so strong. that’s it. and she kinda was defeated last week but now i think she is a ghost and connected to sally for eternity. donna wasn’t clear what happend when a death spot was destroyed. maybe they are in hell or something. we’ll have to wait for next season.

    and my theory about josh would be that it is because of the meditation he did. pete told he he was fighting his wolf before and that he was afraid josh would try to destroy him again. so while josh tried to make peace the wolf sensed weakness and took over. i don’t know if that’s even possible but it’s a theory. but it also could be something donna did like you described. the visions showed her his weakness i guess, his fight with his wolf. and the same goes for aidan. although it showed his son as a werepire (stand-in for kenny) and not suzanna. but she still could have sensed the love and brought her back.

    and we got an explaination for aidan’s black-outs. why didn’t you mention that? you thought it was the ghost girls he killed. it turned out he was just drunk. he drank too much blood and his subconscious acted.

    great episode! i especially liked the fight in the basement where liam died and the role sally played in that. i loved seeing her with some power and not just as a bystander. but as you said that power wasn’t hers it was donna’s. and also a big fan of how it started with an out of the blue bullet in aidan’s head. i also liked sally talking to her corpse. that was so creepy and hilarious. great ‘being human’ moment. yes, she could have eaten criminals. also liked sally as her ghost self, dropping in on aidan and kat and making comments without kat being able to hear her. classic.

    i don’t like that sally will start next season similar to the start of this season, as a ghost trapped in some other dimension. but that is pretty much my only complaint. i think the rest of the characters are messed up just well enough to set up a great new season. i can’t wait to find out what happens next.

    • Mark Trammell

      Agreed on Kat & Aidan- but then most relationships go south on this show, so that’s not saying much, LOL.

      It will be interesting to see what Blake’s “favor” will be.

      I do think that Donna knew what she was doing to a certain extent in regards to Sally, but underestimated her. I also think she has a plan involving the death spot, and that it will be somehow connected to giving herself life again, perhaps in Sally’s body, perhaps in someone else’s.

      I honestly have no idea about the Josh thing, save that it probably is connected to the meditation thing and the experience he had with Donna’s door. But did Donna mean to do that, or was it just a side effect? I don’t think she knew that that would happen, either with Josh or Aidan. I do think she knew that Sally would likely bring Josh, as he did the first time- hence her having Ray there- but she seemed surprised by Aidan, and didn’t prepare for that, resulting in the intital setback or her seeming defeat. But she clearly had a contingency plan or she wouldn’t have been able to come back after seeming to be defeated. The question is, what was it exactly? What is it that she hopes to achieve with the death spot thing? My guess is something resurrection-related, but who knows with this show.

      Good call on the black-out thing. I had it in my notes, but I somehow forgot to mention it. As you know, I’ve been trying to make these things more concise and less recap-ish, so I might have glossed over that in effort to do that. But yeah, I was way off on the ghost girls thing!

      The Liam fight was so much better and more satisfying than the witch-down, IMHO, but then, the witch-down isn’t technically over, which I suspected would be the case, what with it being so anti-climatic.

      The Sally talking to her own corpse thing & babbling while Aidan was with Kat I definitely glossed over, but that was on purpose for the reasons stated above, unlike the black-out thing, which I just left out by mistake. But defnitely a typically warped BH moment, to be sure.

      And obviously, I hate that Sally’s stuck again. I love her character, and it sucks that she’s had such a rough time of things. Dead/undead/dead/undead…will it ever end?

      Very happy the show got renewed, especially in light of it getting cancelled on BBC. See you next season! (Or in my reviews for other stuff, at least…)

      • simon says

        i didn’t get the feeling donna was doing something to get her or any body back. but it would make sense that she wants to try and also that she had a contingency plan. she said sally and her are connected for eternity. does this mean if donna gets a body so does sally? that would mean sally will defeat her whereever they are now because sally will not get a body again. at least not next season. that would be repetitive.

        and it really makes sense that the witch-down was anticlimactic. it wasn’t the climax of the season. if they had something bigger then, the liam fight would have seemed smaller than it was in comparison.

        as for you leaving stuff out for making it less of a recap, that was my idea and i wasn’t complaining that you left it out. that’s why there’s a comment section. you, in an ideal scenario, need only to spark a conversation.

        yes, i’ll see you next season. and i’m going to watch ‘the americans’ soon. if i like it i will see you ‘there’. i saw you are writing the reviews for that show, too.

        • Mark Trammell

          I don’t think we’ve actually seen Donna do anything that would indicate she was trying to get back onto this plane, but I feel like she must have some sort of hidden agenda, or why go to all the trouble she did. I think she’s up to something in the plane (or whatever) that she & Sally went to, and once she’s accomplished it, she’ll find a way to come back, likely in someone else’s body.

          However, you’re right about her saying she & Sally are connected, so I guess if she comes back, so does Sally. I suspect Sally won’t be able to do anything about it until she comes back to “our” plane, but that’s totally just a theory. I have no evidence whatsoever that it’s true. She might end up just as easily combating Donna where ever they are now and getting back to the apartment after on her own. Or Josh & Aidan might find a way to get her back, possibly with Suzanna’s aid. I guess we’ll see next season. Until then, we can only guess.

          Agreed on the witch-down. I also suspected that that was what they were doing on “Lost Girl” after a similarily anti-climatic climax to a big plotline, only they did it a good bit before the end of the season, which I think really threw people. Here, they did it right, as we knew good and well we still had the big finale coming, so there was probably more to it.

          Oh, and don’t worry about the recap thing. You weren’t the only one who complained. Once my boss did, then I knew it was time to change it up! After all, he’s the one I have to ultimately please if I want to get paid, lol! But I didn’t think you were complaining about my leaving stuff out, I just accidentally did in that case, so no worries, I assure you!

          “The Americans” is great, but my columns there are a work in progress, I have to admit. That is a really tough one to do, because the plot is so dense, and you have to know a certain amount of history, which I didn’t really, going in. I think my reviews are getting better, more concise, as the season goes on, though. Hopefully, I can evenutally get that one to where my other columns are, too!

  • Scott

    Is there no end to the bad decisions Aidan makes?

    • Mark Trammell

      Only in that it’s the end of the season! I’m sure he’ll be back to making more next year…