The Client List Season 2 Review “Hell on Heels”

After a lot of heaviness over the last few weeks, we got one of the more light-hearted episodes of “The Client List” this week, with “Hell on Heels.” For the most part, the show focused on comparably lighter issues like Riley’s daughter wanting to be in a beauty pageant, much to her chagrin, with her mother not exactly helping matters by going all “Toddlers and Tiaras” on her.

Eventually, Riley cooled on the idea, leading to one of the cuter moments on the series, when Riley and Katie danced to “Bust a Move,” clad in sci-fi cosplay attire, which naturally looked fabulous on Jennifer Love-Hewitt and would likely have made many a sci-fi geek’s heart go aflutter if they actually watched a Lifetime show. Although J-Love might not want to quit her day job, fictional or otherwise, when it comes to rapping, as fans know, she can carry a tune just fine, so she excelled at the hook at least, in addition to some cute retro dance moves.

In the end, Riley and Katie took home a “personality plus”-type runner-up award, complete with, you guessed it, matching tiaras. It was a sweet moment, and on a show that often all about the drama (at least this season), it was a good, much-needed, lightweight moment. Watching Riley’s mother trying to scheme Katie into the pageant was a lot of fun, too, and how about those light-up dresses? “Hunger Games,” watch your back!

Though the ultimate outcome on the Lacey baby-making subplot was sad, with her discovering she had only a 10% chance of ever getting pregnancy, there was nonetheless a few fun moments there as well, notably when she and her “free-balling” (!) hubby Dale, played by “Heroes”-vet Greg Grunberg went to the clinic to have his sperm tested and when he tried to beg off, Lacey took matters into her own hands, Riley-style. Oh, behave! LOL. Those two are so cute together.

There were also some amusingly awkward situations at work, with the girls trying to spy on new guy Derek, who walks in on Selena and sees her naked. After that embarrassment, they decide to try and get a glimpse of his, ahem, assets, and he eventually gives them an eyeful, alright- or at least he does with Selena. It would seem that there is a romance brewing between these two, but how is that gonna pan out, given what they each do behind closed doors? I suspect at least one of them is bound to get a little jealous on down the line if that relationship continues.

Meanwhile, Nikki has issues of her own when she discovers that her professor at college is on the client list. Now that’s awkward. Thankfully, both decide to take the high road, with Nikki opting to pass along the professor to one of the other girls and simply be judged by her actual performance in class, not the parlor room. Good move.

There was also some ickiness when a client list father brings in his eighteen year old son to be, um, deflowered, I guess? In a manner of speaking, at least. Kind of gross, but then anyone who ever saw “Pet Sematary” knows that actor Dale Midkiff isn’t exactly known for his good behavior. Ultimately, Riley lets the proud-for-all-the-wrong-reasons papa simply think that she and the son did the deed so that he could have his first time be a little more special. Also a good move, I should think.

Last but not least, there was a little drama, courtesy of the Riley and Evan situation, when Katie catches them kissing. That scene where she tries to play it off by telling Katie she does that sort of thing with all her close male friends and then proceeds to lay one on an unsuspecting Dale was pretty funny. If only Katie knew what mom really does for a living, then she’d have some real explaining to do! (This may well end up being the case eventually.)

Alas, it also leads to Riley understandably letting Evan go, as the situation is in danger of becoming even more confusing to the kids, who have already been through enough as it is. I hated to see it happen, but I suppose something had to give there. On the plus side, it might pave the way for Evan to hook up with that cute Asian cop trainee he bonded with last week, so I suppose there’s a silver lining after all.

So, a nice palate-cleanser this week, and a much-needed one, in my opinion. I know Lifetime shows are all about the drama, but what appealed to me about this show in the first place (and the initial TV-movie) was that it was a good, sexy, fun time. The show has laid on the drama so thick this season, it was nice to see it go back to the breezier feel of last season again. I don’t doubt that more drama is on the way, especially with that Carlyle character, but it was still a nice break from the heavier plot elements of the show.

What did you think of “The Client List” this week? Fun stuff, or do you prefer the more dramatic elements of the show? Sad to see Evan and Riley go their separate ways, or was it inevitable? Is Nikki growing on you or do you still find her a bit on the annoying side? What did you think about the effort to soften Taylor up a bit more? How cute was Katie and Riley’s dance/rap number? Let me know what you thought in the comments!