The Cleveland Show Season 4 Review “Who Done Did It?”

On the latest episode of “The Cleveland Show,” it was murder mystery time, complete with an “Alfred Hitchcock Presents”-style intro, courtesy of Cleveland, Junior. On “Who Done Did It?” we tried to figure out who killed a local socialite, out of any number of suspects. After all Cleveland put Donna through with the whole retiring from work, lying to her about it, and blowing all his money in record time-thing, I suppose it was only fair that Cleveland pay the price for his recent behavior when he was the one accused of the crime and ended up getting incarcerated for his troubles. Not sure he necessarily deserved the not-so-happy ending he got- “What a Wonderful World,” indeed- but that’s prison for you, I suppose.

Definitely some fun moments here and there, though CJ wasn’t lying when he said there would be some slower, more plot-driven moments. In fact, it was extremely reminiscent of a similar episode of “Family Guy” in that sense, with the whole mystery angle taking up a lot of the running time at the expense of the more typical fast-and-furious barrage of non-stop jokes. That said, though, we did get to see Freight Train in his element, so to speak, in his guise as a female mystery writer, complete with old-lady drag, so that was good for a few laughs.

As Freight Train and the boys tried to clear Cleveland’s name for the murder in question, the latter got a crash course in how to solve a mystery, leading to some reasonably amusing moments, especially since he didn’t prove to be the most adept sleuth in the world. I did enjoy the titles of his books, with “Waiter! There’s a Murder in my Soup” being my favorite. Although there wasn’t much to the mystery itself per se, it was still fun for the most part.

My favorite bits included Gus’ exercise video, “Body by Gus” in which he chased a girl through the woods, slasher-movie style, camera in hand, as he yelled “Run faster! You don’t want me to catch you!” LOL, especially if you’re familiar with Lynch’s work. I’m guessing the inclusion of “What a Wonderful World” may have also been a Lynchian reference, as “Twin Peaks” fans might recall the song was memorably used in the episode in which Laura Palmer’s killer was revealed.

There were also some choice pieces of dialogue throughout the episode. Here were a few of my favorites:

Fern, on hearing a competitor is allergic to peanuts: “I would think someone with your fat squirrel cheeks would love nuts.”

Donna, upon discovering Arianna’s house was egged: “I am glad somebody got that uppity-ass bear. She think she people.”

Donna, after finding out Cleveland did the egging: “Now, as a strong, confident woman, I certainly don’t need a man defending my honor, but when it happens, I can’t help but take my bra off.”

Cleveland, to his roommate in prison: “What, do you collect Vaseline? Wait…oh.”

Morgue attendant, after Freight Train spills coffee on his shoes: “My distressed-suede ankle boots!”

So, some decent jokes here and there, but nothing too spectacular. It was a pleasant enough episode, but a bit of a coaster. Ultimately, it wasn’t funny enough to qualify as one of the better episodes this season, but it wasn’t a complete embarrassment, either. And like I said, I’m a sucker for a mystery, even a half-assed one like this, so I’m gonna give this episode a pass.

What did you think of “The Cleveland Show” this week? Did you like the mystery element? Or did it leave you a bit wanting? Did you like Freight Train’s sleuthing antics? How about Cleveland’s adventures in prison? Let me know what you though in the comments!