‘Dexter’ Season 8 Teaser Reveals “The Full Picture”

Dexter Season 7 Episode 11 Do You See What I See

Dexter will return for an eighth (and most likely final) season on Showtime this June, and a new teaser reveals that our favorite “neat monster” is beginning to lose control. In a voiceover Dexter (Michael C. Hall) informs us: “Too many people have seen the full picture. I’m losing control and the only thing I know for sure is that it isn’t going to be pretty.”

After the shocking events of the season seven finale that left LaGuerta (Lauren Vélez) dead and Debra’s (Jennifer Carpenter) hands as bloody as Dexter’s, it’s fitting that Dexter appears to be backed into a corner that he can’t get out of this time. With so many people in the know about Dex’s serial killing ways and Dex himself carrying the guilt of sucking Deb into his world, we could be in for a messy ending. Check out the teaser below.

Do you think Dexter and Debra can make it out of season eight unscathed?

Season eight of Dexter premieres Sunday, June 30th on Showtime.