Community Season 4 – Who is Kevin (Ben) Chang?

Community fans watched Ben Chang nearly destroy Greendale last year and return this season with a case of “Changnesia.” Chang, who now prefers to be called Kevin, claims to have no recollection of who he is. In an effort to combat Changnesia, this TV Chat is dedicated to some of Ben Chang’s memorable moments at Greendale.

When we first met Ben Kevin, he had been teaching Spanish for six years at the home of the Human Beings. His in your face style did not win him many fans among students or faculty. His abrasive nature led to a heated rivalry with his fellow professor, Dr. Ian Duncan. He was also particularly fond of getting uncomfortably close to Annie.

Students at Greendale were elated upon receiving the news that Chang was fired because he did not have proper teaching credentials. It was not really clear if Chang even had more than a rudimentary knowledge of the Spanish language. As Chang once admitted “I did what any man would do. I faked my way into a job teaching Spanish at a community college using phrases from Sesame Street.” Community fans will recall that Chang got his teaching job by accusing Dean Pelton of being racist when he asked “if an Asian man has qualifications to teach Spanish.”

Being fired did not mean Chang was gone from Greendale forever. Chang proved himself to be a man of many talents, as he enrolled at Greendale to pursue a degree in music theory. He is a master keytar player.

He does a mean pop and lock.

He’s willing to go above and beyond to help a fellow Human Being in need of a pick me up.

He’s a role model for body confidence.

He’s great with animals.

All of those “talents” were not enough to secure Chang’s long sought after invitation into Jeff Winger’s study group.

Although his passion for joining the group was certainly commendable, there were a few minor issues that made it difficult for the Greendale Seven to invite him to the sacred table. Community fans will recall that Chang ate his sister in utero, he had an interesting habit of inserting his name into words and phrases such as “Chang the subject” and he was a pretty lousy paintball teammate. There was also the tiny issue of Chang’s one night stand with Shirley on Halloween night thanks in part to some discounted military food. To Shirley’s relief, her baby was not born with a tail and as such, could not be a Chang.

Determined to remain an active member of the Greendale community, Chang went from teacher to student to a squatter in the school’s air vents. Thanks to a little monkey gas poisoning, Chang upgraded from the Greendale air vents to a cafeteria closet and a job as a security officer. Chang used his position as a security officer to stage a coup in which he raised an army of teenaged terrors with safety patrol badges and walkie talkies and replaced Dean Pelton with a dopple-deaner/imposter-dean.

Chang resurfaced this season, claiming to have Changnesia and asking that he be called Kevin. He’s currently working at Shirley’s sandwich shop and the school (minus Jeff) is lobbying to find a cure for Chang’s condition.

Whether or not Chang really has “Changnesia” remains to be seen. Chang has not proven to be very trustworthy, we know he’s crazy and he’s always working an angle. I’m a fan of Ken Jeong and although I like Chang, a little of him goes a long way on Community. I had an opportunity to visit the Community set in the fall and without spoiling anything, I can share that we will soon learn that Chang has a unique connection to the Greendale Seven. Got any favorite Chang moments? Sound off below!