Bates Motel Season 1 Review “Trust Me”

Rejoice, Bates Motel fans! Not only did your favorite new show return tonight with a great new episode with “Trust Me”, but the show has been officially been renewed by A&E for a second season! With at least ten new episodes being produced, it makes it even more interesting to see how Kerry Ehrin and Carlton Cuse are going to wrap up this season. We know these ten episodes have been shot, but there’s still a possibility that they’ll edit something or re-shoot parts of the last few episodes to give us somewhat of a cliffhanger.

Anyway, we’re only at the fourth episode tonight, so we still have quite a ways to go before we start thinking about an end game. There’s still quite a bit of craziness going on in the Bates family, and tonight’s installment picks up right where the last one left off with Norman breaking in to Officer Zach Shelby’s house. Except tonight we find out that Dylan was actually following Norman the whole time, and he actually helps him escape! When Dylan was first introduced on this show, I was prepared immediately not to like him. The rebellious absentee brother who hangs out with the wrong types of people is a TV trope that we’ve seen over and over again, but the combination of Max Thieriot’s performance and his strange camaraderie with Norman really help to set his character apart.

There seems to be a increased effort this week to vilify Officer Zach Shelby, as he’s quickly transformed into a bit of a skeezball. First he acts like a jerk to Norman as he’s walking down the street, and he also gets a little too grabby and gross with Norma when they meet up in the car. When we first met him, he was the good cop to Sheriff Romero’s bad cop, and he seemed genuinely interested in Norma and in getting to know her better. Now in the space of only about two episodes he’s seemed to be completely transformed into a total douchebag, although I did find it hilarious how disinterested Norman was in going fishing with him.

Zach was called away from his awkward fishing trip when he hears that Keith Summers’ hand was found by a local fisherman. Norma is quickly called in for questioning when they find a carpet fiber in Summers’ wrist watch, and she definitely didn’t acquit herself well in Romero’s interrogation.

Norman’s life is going a little bit better, however, as his relationship with Bradley took a big step forward tonight. Not only did he get invited over to her house in the middle of the night, but he actually ended up sleeping with her! While you can’t help but root for Norman for gettin’ lucky, it’s a little disappointing how fast this relationship is moving forward.

This is really my only complaint not only with this episode, but with the series in general: Everything is moving so fast! We only have ten episodes in this whole season, but there are a lot of great story lines here that are feeling a bit rushed. Shelby turning into a villain, Norma being called in for questioning, Norman sleeping with Bradley – It all feels so sudden. We aren’t even half way through the season, and it feels like these story lines are almost reaching their conclusion! I hope they can keep up this crazy amount of suspense every episode, and that we haven’t just peaked too early.

Random Thoughts:

– What was up with Bradley’s giant sunglasses? Was it just that she was crying all the time and wanted to cover her bloodshot eyes? It was a weird wardrobe choice, to be sure.

– There’s quite a bit of drama, suspense, and small-town mystery on this show, but you know what there’s not a lot of? Inn-keeping. Seriously, are we ever going to see any guests in this motel? There’s been a vacancy sign since episode one, for goodness sake!

– At least Norman made an effort to hang out with Emma tonight, but how is she going to feel when she inevitably finds out?! It’s a testament to this show’s writing and to Olivia Cooke’s performance that I already care so much about this poor girl.