Mad Men Season 6 Premiere Advance Review – Right! No Wait Left!

Mad Men Season 6 Premiere 2013 The Doorway 03

Fans of the AMC original series Mad Men must be happy today as it marks the return of the series’ sixth season. The premiere episode “The Doorway” spans 2-hours and few details about it have been released to the public. In fact, upon receiving the screener for the new season, we were asked not to reveal quite a few key moments from tonight’s episode. And so without giving too much away, let’s talk about tonight’s season 6 premiere of Mad Men.

Mad Men is and continues to be a drama series focused on the everyday lives of men and women in advertising, and while it would be easy for the show to become uninventive after six seasons, I am always surprised at how engaging each season continues to be. I have watched it from the beginning and continue to enjoy it into its sixth season.

So let’s talk about this new season. Since photos of Jon Hamm and Jessica Paré (aka Don Draper and his wife Megan) in Hawaii were released, I can tell you that part of the episode does in fact take place in Hawaii, but that’s just a bit of it, we’re soon back at the office and that’s where things get interesting.

We have Don working on a new campaign which reveals a bit of his inner turmoil, Roger has to deal with an unexpected and unwelcome news, photos of the partners are taken (Joan of course outshines everyone), Peggy needs to fix an ad when the clients worry it might offend viewers, and Betty shows an interest in one of Sally’s friends.

I personally, would have liked to see more of Joan this episode, but unfortunately, she only makes a few brief appearances. Fingers crossed we get another exciting storyline for her this season.

And there is much more to be excited about that I can’t mention, but I will say this. Mad Men is about character drama and character drama you get. The last couple of scenes made me go “what?!” and that’s how this show grabs you. You think you’re going to the right, you think you know exactly where these characters are going and what motivates them, and then you suddenly realize you’re actually going left and that you have no idea where they’re going. Just like life. And I think that’s why so many people find the show so compelling to watch. Mad Men always hits you in the head with small brilliant moments and this premiere is no different.

So I’ll stop here and let you enjoy and discover the premiere for yourself.

Don’t forget to tune in tonight, Sunday April 7th, at 9pm on AMC and watch the Mad Men season 6 2-hour premiere.