[TV MOVIE] A Mother’s Rage (Lifetime) Starring Lori Loughlin & Kristen Dalton

The upcoming TV Movie A Mother’s Rage premieres Saturday April 6 (8 PM) on Lifetime and stars Lori Loughlin & Kristen Dalton.

A Mother’s Rage Synopsis: Rebecca Mayer’s (Lori Loughlin) motherly survival instincts kick in to overdrive when she notices a man following her car as she drives her 17-year old daugher, Connor, to college. Rebecca has only one mission – to keep Conner safe at all costs.

But is Rebecca just an overprotective mother … or is there more to her? Sheriff Emily Tobin (Kristen Dalton) is determined to find out and begrudgingly accepts the help of her eager, 15 year old crime buff daughter, Molly (Alix Elizabeth Gitter) as a slew of bodies keep turning up.

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