Happy Endings Season 3 Review “The Incident” & “Bros Before Bros”

Welcome to our second week of Happy Endings goodness, with another cracking double bill to entertain us of a Friday night. This time, despite the continued absence of Pete, we made some progress on Penny’s own happy ending, and Max discovered the power of forbidden love when he gets involved with the son of a rival food truck owner.

The first hour, ‘The Incident’, was a pretty standard episode of the show which saw Max hear some juicy gossip from Jane and Alex’s hairdresser and Brad find a life-size doll of himself in Jane’s super-organized storage unit. It was entertaining enough, especially since we had a Penny/Dave sub-plot in which is truck was stolen, but having Jane and Alex fight isn’t my favorite thing to watch. Happy Endings is usually so much fun because the whole cast along, and having Jane act uptight seems to be their go-to character beat.

I enjoyed the second episode much more, as there was some emotional drama to add to the comedy. I realize that this is a sitcom and character development isn’t entirely necessary to its success every week, but my love for Penny only grew while watching her try to reconnect with her absentee father. It was a surprise to see him arrive as a larger-than-life teddy bear rather than the typical deadbeat dad – he was even great enough to melt Jane’s resentful heart.

I really hope this bodes well for Penny’s eventual fairytale wedding, as it would break every fans heart if her day didn’t go to plan. Chances are it won’t, even if she now has a full parental unit in attendance. The writers (or scheduling) haven’t allowed the audience to really bond with Pete on more than a basic level, and my instincts are telling me that Penny might be single again come finale time.

Overall, this was another great double-serving of Happy Endings, and one that used Dave to his full potential for once, and I can’t wait to see more next week. What did you think of the episodes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.