Cult Season 1 Review “Suffer the Children” — Up on Moon Hill…

If Cult continues to be this good, I’m going to have to give up any reservations I had about it following the episode 2/3 slump. ‘Suffer the Children’ saw the mystery surrounding the ‘Cult’ TV show deepen with the reveal that Sakelik, everyone’s favourite crazy cop, was part of a cult as a child. A cult which may or may not have included Steven Rae among others.

This reveal showed Jeff and Skye that not only does the mystery go back at least 25 years — possibly more, given that there were adult founders of the Moon Hill cult who disappeared — but that there is a way to possibly blackmail Sakelik into handing over Nate; the knowledge that, as a teenager, Sakelik, along with 3 others, broke into the house of a television star and killed her.

This all seems simple enough on the surface, a case of cult kids not being able to let go of their past and creating something even bigger, but things get confusing where Stuart is concerned. Roger’s fanboy turned up again this week to not only give him a gorgeous car, but to create a production company with which to make films. Perhaps even some starring Roger. Does this nix the theory that Stuart could be Steven Rae? Probably. After all, why would Stuart have to set up a production company and risk sabotaging ‘Cult’ by poaching Roger for his films?

But then…who is Stuart, and what does he want? More importantly, if Stuart is not Steven Rae, who is? We know Peter, Skye’s boss, is in contact with Rae and keeping tabs on Skye for him, but have we actually met Steven Rae already? Sakelik treated Louis, one of the Moon Hill cult kids, with a strange kind of reverence; could he be Steven Rae? Either way, why does Sakelik find the need to confess her sins to this one man?

Making things even more confusing is the fact that Stuart has an old family company which has an arm holding a sword as its logo. Prosaic enough on its own, but that arm with a sword is one-third of the triskelion symbol found on the data discs a few episodes ago. If Stuart is part of the True Believer cult, why is he luring Roger away from ‘Cult’ the show? Is he luring Roger away from the show, or is he just making nice with Roger to draw him into the True Believer cult? If he isn’t part of the TB cult, then what is his family’s connection to them? So many questions!

Congrats, Cult, you’ve just created a genuinely good mystery.

The only part of this episode that didn’t quite fit was the ‘Cult’ show-within-a-show scenes. In these Kelly learned that her sister had planted evidence of her kidnap in Billy’s trunk, but Billy wasn’t at the police station long thanks to a ‘good lawyer’. While there were obvious parallels with the main body of the episode — specifically in evidence being secreted away — these scenes felt like more of a distraction than anything else.

Still, this episode was an entertaining watch and has left me eager to see what happens next week. How about you, dear reader?

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