[TV MOVIE] Return to Nim’s Island (Hallmark) Starring Bindi Irwin & Toby Wallace

Return to Nim's Island (Hallmark) (11)

The upcoming TV Movie Return to Nim’s Island premieres Friday April 5 (8/7c) on Hallmark and stars Bindi Irwin & Toby Wallace.

Return to Nim’s Island Synopsis: When Nim (Bindi Irwin) and her father Jack (Matthew Lillard) discover that resort developers plan to buy Nim’s Island, they know they must protect the endangered wildlife that inhabit it. Nim embarks on an adventure that pits her and her animal allies against resort developers and animal poachers.

With such strong opposing forces working against her in this adventure, Nim realizes she can’t depend on her animal cohorts alone and relies on her first human friend, Edmund (Toby Wallace), to help save her home. Together with Jack’s intern, Felix (Nathan Derrick), Nim and Edmund work together to try and defeat the developers and save the beloved island and its endangered species.

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