The Office Season 9 Review “Promos”

Given the slightly vehement reactions to the last episode of “The Office” that aired, I’m not sure what people will make of “Promos,” which featured a return visit from many of “The Farm” vets. A lot of people hated that one, and made it pretty clear that, in their mind, NBC had dodged a bullet when it came to making the antics of Dwight and Co. into a full-fledged series. I thought it wasn’t half bad, and that, of all the characters on “The Office,” Dwight would have made the most sense to spin-off, but I guess that’s not going to be happening. Too bad.

Although, to play devil’s advocate for a hot minute, I will say that this return appearance did reap lesser dividends than the last episode, so there’s that to say for the defense of those who fell firmly into the category of “please make it stop!” That said, though, Dwighty Dwight and the Farmy Bunch had their moments here and there.

My favorite was his and Clark’s assessment of whether Esther’s people were trying to con him by using their daughters as “tractor bait” (and “auger bait” in Clark’s case). Dwight: “Long-term tractor leases can put pressure on a relationship.” Clark: “God, a lot of my buddies are going through the same thing right now.”

Later, they lamented being the kind of guys that fare better with less attractive ladies. Dwight: “Maybe we’re the kind of guys who end up with a tractor that’s already been rode hard and put away muddy.”

As it turned out, though, Esther was indeed genuinely sweet on Dwight, much to Angela’s chagrin, who, when Dwight sought out snacks for her, quipped “I’ll bet she’ll eat them out of your hand with those big strong teeth!” She was clearly not amused when she saw how attractive Esther was.

However, my favorite stuff in the episode by far was the bits surrounding the impending release of the long-in-the-making documentary of the office that those filmmakers have been filming for like nearly ten years. The gang hit the roof after seeing the various promos (hence the title of the episode) and realizing that the documentarians had literally been filming everything, including moments they thought had been private.

Meredith on her potentially embarrassing topless moments: “I’m a very private person. I show ‘em when I want to show ‘em. Who wants a taste? Boob sauce!” (Cue breast flash…)

Kevin: “This is a documentary? I always thought we were like specimens in a human zoo.”

Angela and Oscar in particular flipped out, concerned over any racy footage of Oscar and her senator husband…or her and Dwight. Oscar confessed he saw the film crew capture him and the senator kissing on Halloween.

Angela, outraged: “He was dressed as Ronald Reagan!” (She slaps him across the face.)
Oscar: “Well, he kissed like Jack Kennedy!”

They later left a hilarious message on the senator’s answering machine in which they started out apologetic before just saying screw it and telling him everything. Done and done. Maybe now they can both move on with their lives.

Other funny moments included Phyllis and Andy’s “50 Shades of Grey” audio escapades and subsequent cool-downs; Andy’s being terrorized by cyber-bullies, one of which turned out to be Nellie (loved the online handles, like “SmokeThatSkinWagon,” “ChobbleGobbler,” and Nellie’s “TexasPoonTappa”); and Ryan Howard’s completely mental script reading with Jim and Darryl.

To be sure, it was not one of the funnier episodes of “The Office” this season by a country mile, but it was alright. Personally, I preferred “The Farm,” which I suppose means that you guys who hated that will love this episode instead. Or not, as it did have a fair bit of “Farm”-related shenanigans. Knock yourself out in the comment section, by all means. And please, try and be creative with your web nom de plumes! (That would be fake names, for those who don’t know the term.)