The Mindy Project Season 1 Review “Pretty Man”

In the second of two new episodes of “The Mindy Project” this week, Mindy found a new “Pretty Man”– but at a high price. Like, literally, as the guy in question was a male prostitute by the name of Adam. If he looked familiar, that’s because he’s none other than Josh Meyers, brother of Seth of “SNL” fame.

Mindy, who as we know by now is obsessed with rom-coms, naturally saw the chance to put into motion her own version of “Pretty Woman,” by attempting to retrofit Adam in a full-on makeover and pass him off as her new boyfriend at Danny’s party. She also wanted to one-up him a bit, as Danny initially hadn’t planned on inviting her, but once she got wind of it, she was not happy and next thing you know…everyone’s invited, much to Danny’s chagrin.

As ever, smart lines flew fast and furious, which one would hope would be the case, what with a male stud around to poke fun at. After Adam furiously kissed her, Mindy laid down the ground rules, not entirely successfully as it eventually turned out: “You are not supposed to kiss! That is, like, the #1 rule in ‘Pretty Woman’!” Shot back Adam: “Kissing is exactly a big part of what I do. I am actually like one of the best ‘mouth’ guys in the city.”

Morgan, on Danny’s handwriting: “I know babies with better handwriting- actual babies!” (Somehow I believe him, somewhat disturbingly.)

Mindy, after finding out she wasn’t invited to Danny’s party: “So, what am I supposed to do, just, like lay there in the street like a corpse while stray dogs nudge my body?” (Such a wonderful, weirdly-phrased comeback!)

Mindy, after Adam invites her to coffee: “Coffee is not like some weird code word for some sex thing, is it?”

Mindy, after seeing all of Adam’s trophies on display in his apartment: “Look at all these trophies! That’s cute. Wait…did you get them from winning sex competitions?”

Morgan, on his grandmother’s chicken wings: “The secret ingredient is love. I’m kidding, it’s whiskey. There’s no love involved in this.” (I also loved people yelling at him: “Wing me!” as poor Danny looked on, horrified, as Morgan regularly missed his intended targets, leaving greasy stains on his walls and the like.)

Parker, coming out of Danny’s apartment to alert him: “One of the Australians may have set a small fire inside your piano.”

Speaking of which, the original song Adam sang was pricelessly bad: “What city am I talking about?” Not to mention the lyric: “Well, after 9/11…” And Mindy trying to go all Michelle Pfeiffer on the piano was also funny (Morgan: “You gotta stop getting on there.” LOL.)

Of the two episodes this week, I’d have to say that this one was overall my favorite, though the previous one was pretty good, too. My only complaint was that, with all the television seasons of everything already winding down, why waste two episodes on different days in one week, least of all in a confusing new time slot on a different day than anyone expects it, with stiff competition on the other networks? That seems kind of counter-intuitive, especially with the only new “New Girl” of the week airing tonight as well, instead of in its normal time slot (the one earlier this week was a repeat).

It seems the better bet would have been either to air both episodes of “Mindy” on Tuesday in the regular time slot or postpone one and air one this week alongside the “New Girl” and another next week. Whatevs, FOX. You do what you have to. Just don’t cancel the show, please!

What did you think of “The Mindy Project”? Which episode did you like best this week? Which boyfriend did you like best of all the ones she’s dated thus far? What do you make of Danny and Alex as a couple? How about the situation with Jeremy and Maggie? Let me know what you think in the comments!