Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 “She’s Killing Me Review”

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Episode 20 She's Killing Me (1)
I had no idea as this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy began that the “she” in “She’s Killing Me” would be Bailey. Damn.

When Meredith asked Bailey to run a genome test on her to see if she had the markers for Alzheimer’s, I suspected the results would not be good news. Rather than sulking or freaking out, Meredith’s maternal instincts kicked in and she worked to be sure that her kids would be taken care of in the event that both Meredith and Derek are both unable to do so.

Despite spending 9 years as Meredith’s “person,” Christina was not up for caring for Zola and baby McDreamy. I’m sure it was disappointing to hear Christina’s desire to be a cool aunt, but it would have been so inconsistent with her character for her to say otherwise.

Speaking of Christina, despite rediscovering her love for Owen after their divorce, I suspect that the couple is on course for another conflict over the parenthood issue. As Christina explained to Meredith that she didn’t want to be a mom, Owen was doing a pretty good job at playing surrogate dad to Ethan.

Owen also enlisted the doctor’s assistance in helping Syrian doctors who came to Grey Sloan for a crash course in life-saving procedures. With the fate of Grey Sloan now secure, it has been quite entertaining to watch the doctors thrive at patient care.

In non-patient related drama, Matthew’s mother was visiting the hospital to meet April. I guess technically, Matthew is a patient but this drama was about April’s secret lost virginity and not about Matthew recuperating after playing human shield last week. April finally came clean to Matthew about her virginity, reasoning that there were far more important concerns – like dying people in Syria. Matthew was not convinced and replied that honesty still matters in war. I was glad that April decided that perhaps honesty was a bit overrated if it meant she could give some much-needed supplies to the Syrian doctors. As much as I’d like to see this lead to April and Jackson reuniting, I’m sure the road to reconciliation will be so simple. What’s the point of having April date Matthew without milking it for a few more awkward moments between the trio (and to a lesser extent, Jackson’s sex buddy intern).

The most shocking moment of the episode was the revelation that three of Bailey’s patients had post-op infections that appeared to be tied to her. Over 9 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, Bailey has proven herself to be quite the Wonder Woman but alas, she is human and capable of making mistakes.

I was CRUSHED to hear Derek tell Shane that he was not cut out for neurology.

I can’t say this week’s episode will go down as one of my favorites but I am interested in seeing how things work out for Bailey. What did you think of this week’s Grey’s Anatomy? Head to the comments and sound off!