American Idol Season 12 Review “Results Show”

This week on “American Idol,” America got it wrong. At least in part and you know good and well what part I’m talking about. Seriously, America? Lazaro in the Top Three? I mean granted, he did better than last week in his solo performance, but come on: the guy forgot his lyrics two shows in a row, for God’s sake! I’m beginning to wonder if America isn’t being punk’d. Yeah, I said it.

I mean, it’s the only thing that makes sense. Remember when a bunch of people (“Vote for the Worst”) got together and got someone or the other of dubious talent voted high in the rankings just as a goof? (I think it was Sanjaya.) Well, I’m convinced this is exactly what’s going on with “American Idol” this season. It all but has to be, because surely America wouldn’t willingly allow this to happen, much less make it happen themselves on their own recognizance. I blame the new voting system.

Okay, now that I’ve got that off my chest, we can move on. We started off with a decent take on the Queen classic “Somebody to Love” with all of the contestants chiming in. After that, there was another of those Ford Fiesta “missions,” this one all about styling oneself after one’s own favorite idol. While most everyone’s picks were fairly obvious (Amber picked Whitney Houston, Candice Mary J. Blige, Lazaro Josh Groban, et al.), there were a few curveballs in there, as Burnell picked Pharell Williams and Angie picked Jessie J. I’m not sure the resulting looks necessarily reflected said choices, but it was a relatively neat idea.

Then came the recaps, and this time around I fully agreed with Jimmy’s assessments. As he said, there were a lot of wrongheaded song choices on display, and boy, did some of them cost people. We’ll get to that momentarily, of course.

Musically, we had two returning “Idol” vets: Casey James and big-time star Carrie Underwood. I’m not a huge country person, but I thought Carrie’s song was alright, if a bit snoozy. I liked her previous singles from her latest album better, particularly Blown Away.” Either way, she’s a sweetheart and certainly one of the more talented “Idol” alums. I loved seeing her old “Idol” footage again. She really does come off like a good person (or should I say, a “Good Girl”?), as did James. Pretty easy on the eyes, too, I might add.

After that, it was revelation time. For the first time, and without their prior knowledge it was going to be revealed, the judges’ picks for the top three were revealed. With the notable exception of Mariah- who understandably picked Candice, who she’s always been a big supporter of- everyone’s choices lined up with my predictions of Kree, Angie, and Amber. Well, we got two out of three at least. Kree and Angie were indeed in, but then came the jaw-dropper that was the revelation of Lazaro.

I mean, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: he seems like a perfectly decent guy, and I do sympathize with his affliction. But that’s no excuse for his missteps, either. Just because he stutters doesn’t mean it affects his memory! Amber, Janelle and Kree had to learn an incredibly lyrically complex Billy Joel song overnight, and he had a week per song and blew it at least twice- more if you include Hollywood week.

Last I checked, they held that sort of thing in the top echelon of things that were practically a given that you didn’t just want to do correctly, but that you all-but had to do correctly if you wanted to move forward in the competition. What kind of message does it send if someone gets into the freaking top three and they regularly fumble the lyrics? Not a good one, I can tell you. Too much more of this and “Idol” will become a genuine laughing-stock, and not just among the too-cool-for-school crowd, many of who already think it’s long since been passé.

What with “The Voice” stealing a lot of its thunder, “Idol” can’t afford to be soft on this sort of thing, but the sad thing is, this game is now in the voter’s hands, which is exactly why I think it’s an elaborate hoax. Rumor has it that “Vote for the Worst” is wrapping things up for good this summer. Wouldn’t it be the ultimate feather in their cap to get someone like Lazaro all the way to the top slot? Or at least as close to it as possible?

For shame, people. Honestly. Meanwhile, poor Amber, who was never better, gets bumped to the middle, along with another strong contender, Candice; and Janelle, who’s really grown on me, came this close to getting bumped. I like to think the judges would have used their save on any of those three had that been their ultimate fate, but alas, it was Burnell who paid the price for his highly dubious choice of song. I’m guessing Bon Jovi won’t be on his playlist anytime soon.

And how awful was it that they prolonged his agony with that whole “Still Rolling…” thing all throughout the rest of the evening? (In case you missed it, they kept cutting back to “Idol” backstage for reactions during “New Girl” and “The Mindy Project,” often showing people consoling poor ousted Burnell) Not too cool, “Idol.”

Oh well, I guess it is what it is. Maybe the backlash will be such that the wrongs get righted next week. One can only hope. Until then, way to drop the ball, America. Forget Burnell- it’s you that gives “Idol” a bad name.