Supernatural Season 8 Review “Taxi Driver” – Time for a Family Reunion

Supernatural - Taxi Driver

In this episode of Supernatural, called “Taxi Driver,” Sam takes on the next Trial and has to go after an old friend who’s trapped in Hell. While there, he gets into trouble and needs help from another old friend.

This episode was kind of a family reunion. In order to completely his next Trial, Sam has to go down to Hell (with a layover in Purgatory) to get a soul that doesn’t belong there. I doubt there was a single person in the fandom who was surprised to see that it was Bobby who needed saving, but it was still a great way to get him back on the show. I know a lot of fans were saying that bringing Bobby back would cheapen his death and I sort of felt that way, too. But this was perfect; we got to see Bobby again but he still had the hero’s death (and trip to Heaven) that he deserved. I also like that he was still as ornery as ever and got to kick some demon ass before his trip upstairs. This being Supernatural – plus the fact that Bobby made it very clear that he would love to come back down if Sam and Dean could ever find a way to spring him – I think we could see him again someday, even if it’s just for a quick adventure.

The other member of the family to return was Benny. Whereas Bobby’s return was mostly fun and smart-ass quips, Benny’s was mostly angst and tears. I’m sure it broke Dean to have to call the friend he had abandoned to then ask him for a favor. Their reunion killed me, especially when Benny admitted to Dean that he had indeed been having a hard time and that he didn’t fit in with anyone. I had a feeling that Benny wouldn’t make it out of Purgatory and I was right, but I was very happy to see that Sam finally understood that Benny was a good guy, and that Dean didn’t burn his buddy’s bones. Not that I for one second thought that was the end of this story, but it was nice to have that confirmation.

With all the trips to Hell and Purgatory, it still seemed like Kevin was the one who had the roughest time in this episode. Having Crowley in your head couldn’t have been fun, but having Crowley find you had to be worse, and having the Winchesters think that you ran off and so didn’t go looking for you is even more worse. I wonder how long it will be until they realized that Kenny is actually missing?

The only family member who didn’t make an appearance in this episode was Castiel. Naomi showing up and trying to pretend she was on the same side as the Winchesters was a nice try, but I got the distinct impression that Dean wasn’t buying any of her bull. I just hope they find Cas before she does.

My favorite bits..

“Would you put the frying pan down, please?”

Haha, I totally recognized that crossroads. Anyone else sorry Dean didn’t break into the Harlem Shake?

Dean using the word “owie.”

“Take my hand.”
“And it gets creepier.” – Yep, exactly what I was thinking.

“I believe the closet would be safest.” – From Crowley? Um, Kev, I don’t think so.

Dean reassuring Kevin that he could take it because that’s what they do.

“That’s my pie.” – Oh no he di’int!

Crowley finding out about Ajay making a deal with the Winchesters. Uh oh.

“You’re trying my non-patience.”

Sam walking past all the creepy people in Hell.

“Bobby, it’s Sam!”
“Yeah, and I’m Elvis. Move your ass!”

Bobby and Sam hug FTW!

Poor Bobby talking about the endless Sams and Deans that he sees every day.

Crowley referring to Sam as “Winchester Jumbo Size.”

Dean cooking eggs and bacon for Kevin. He’s being so fatherly lately.

“Hid it? Where?”
“If I tell you where it is, it’s not exactly hidden is it?”

Naomi showing up and chatting with Dean like it was nothing.

“See, I don’t trust angels, which means I don’t trust you.” – Yeah, Dean!

Dean’s reaction to finding out that Ajay had taken Sam to Purgatory.

All right, Bobby! Way to kick some ass!

“You knew, somehow, right?”
“Took a chance. 50/50.”

Yes! I missed that “Balls!”

Yay! Hi Benny! Knowing all of these guys would be back didn’t make it any less fun to see them when they showed up.

“When Dean Winchester asks for a favor, he’s not screwing around.”

“Hey, he’s your brother.” – Benny is my favorite person, er vampire whatever, EVER.

Benny talking about how he wasn’t a good fit with humans or vampires and how it was starting to wear on him.

The hug. The “thank you.” – So. Many. Feels.

Dean chopping off Benny’s head. Wow.

“I know that agreement. I taught you that agreement. That’s a non-agreement.”

Sam stopping Bobby from killing Benny.

Bobby’s reaction to finding out that Dean was buddies with a vampire.

“Already said goodbye to you once, didn’t seem to take.”

“If they give me a rocking chair up there, I’m raising hell.”

Totally knowing that Benny was going to say no to his ride back home, even before the other monsters showed up. Also? Noo!!

Dean’s voice breaking when he said “I mean that’s fantastic about Bobby.” – Ugh, yet one more thing for Dean to feel guilty about.

Sam reassuring Dean that Bobby was as ornery as ever.

“Oh, come on!” – Crowley yelling at Naomi was classic.

“I told you you could trust me.” – Yeah, I still don’t trust her.

Finding out that Dean didn’t burn Benny’s bones. Yes!

Sam telling Dean that Benny was a little different than he thought.

Sam and Dean think Kevin ran away? Noooo!

What did you think of this episode of Supernatural? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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