Psych Season 7 Review “Cirque Du Soul” – Lassiter Makes a Big Announcement

Psych Season 7 Episode 6 Cirque Du Soul

In this episode of Psych, called “Cirque Du Soul,” Shawn and Gus help a bunch of circus performers who might be in trouble; meanwhile Lassiter and Marlowe take their relationship to the next level.

As I watched this episode of Psych, it made me think about how much our little band of misfits have grown over the past 100 episodes. Back in the beginning of the series, Shawn and Gus were just a couple of goofballs stumbling around solving crimes. Okay, so yeah they’re basically still a couple of goofballs stumbling around solving crimes, but now both of them are in serious relationships. And the best part is that their friendship (and their innate goofball-ness) has remained intact. Things got a little rough in this one when Shawn seemingly kept jeopardizing Gus and Rachael’s relationship, but once Henry came in and pointed out that Shawn was just worried he’d lose his best friend, we all knew what was really wrong. I was glad that Shawn fixed everything between him and Gus and I’m really happy that Gus’ relationship with Rachael and Max stayed intact. It’s great to see him with someone who makes him happy.

Speaking of relationships, I couldn’t get over how happy Lassiter was in this episode. I swear that man smiled more in this episode than he has in all the past 100 episodes. Even with Ursula trying to break him and Marlowe apart, Lassie kept his cool. I loved that he kept looking for ways to be with the love of his life and I’m so excited that they’re getting married. Who woulda thunk back in the first season that we’d end up with Shawn and Juliet living together, Gus dating a woman with a son, and Lassie getting married? Everyone’s all grown up and yet still as hilarious as ever.

My favorite bits..

Lassie and Marlowe’s reunion outside the prison. So sweet.

Shawn attempting to do pull-ups. Or should I say a (as in single) pull-up?

“Come on, Shawn. Don’t be such a Filipino Steve Perry.”

“He’s the Gotti of potties.”

“He’s number one at going..”

Shawn and Gus freaking out when they saw that Max was missing.

Lassie’s reaction to finding out that Ursula had set Marlowe’s perimeter to end 400 feet away from his house.

Full theme song! *commences with sing-along”

Lassie and Juliet communicating in half-sentences when he told her what happened with Marlowe.

Shawn and Gus attempting to be circus performers.

Super-long distance fist bumps FTW!

“As anyone good at foreplay can tell you, electricity always leaves a mark.”

Woody admitting that he couldn’t read live women anymore.

Woody asking Juliet if she happened to know any single females who were currently living.

Shawn walking in on Lassie and Marlowe in his kitchen and turning around and walking right back out and back in again to make sure he wasn’t imagining things.

“OMG, WTF and JTT.”
“Jonathan Taylor Thomas is not an acronym, Shawn.”

Lassie being incredibly nice to Shawn in his house. That was almost freaky.

“Still here, Shawn, and I’m not a leprechaun.”

Juliet walking in on Lassiter and Marlowe in the tub.

Lassie and Marlowe announcing that they were engaged. Whoa!

Rachael calling Gus right as he was getting arrested, with her son. Oops.

Lassie telling Gus that he was so sorry Rachael broke up with him, before happily announcing that he was engaged.

“I’m tired of your mouth writing checks that my ass can’t cash!”

Gus asking for time alone. Whoa!

Lassie ensuring O’Hara that his favor wasn’t anything weird, then asking her to pee in a vase. Yep, totally normal.

“I all those years, the one constant in Shawn’s life has been you.” Awww.

Henry telling Gus that Shawn may not be selfish, he might just be worried about losing someone else.

Juliet getting more and more uncomfortable as Ursula described her night of passion with Lassiter.

“Have you seen weevils in any of these small poop houses?”

Finding out that Shawn had been walking around with a woman in his backpack. Nice!

“Look, before I use you as a human shield, there’s some things I want to say.”

“He must be out of his damn mind.” – Yes!

Shawn and Gus arguing over where the exterminator man was from – while dodging bullets from blinded bodyguards. In other words, a completely normal conversation for them.

“Dude, is it ironic that I’ve had to go the bathroom this entire time?”
“Man, now I have to go, too!”

Finding out that Juliet set up Ursula and Woody. Brilliant.

“You realize that’s the coolest dude in the whole wide world, right?” – Aw.

Finding out that Shawn called Rachael to tell her how he was responsible for everything that had happened.

Yay!! Psych-outs!!

What did you think of this episode of Psych? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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