Nikita Season 3 Review “Inevitability”

It’s been threatening for a while, but the new, supposedly improved Division hops onto that slippery slope good and proper in this week’s Nikita, ‘Inevitability’. With government-ordered missions now coming to them and no other choice but to obey, is Ryan and Nikita’s organization really that different from Percy and Amanda’s anymore?
The mission is an old-fashioned ‘kill job’, and not everyone at the base is happy about the apparent return to norm.

Alex and Birkoff, in particular, decide to hang back and investigate what going on with Danforth, discovering the President’s ‘contingency plan’ which involves a replica of Division’s base built in the middle of nowhere. They’ve been lying to the staff for months about how much danger they’re potentially in should the government turn again Division, and it’s here that the secrets come spilling out.

There’s an interesting debate, as there has been all season, about which jobs Nikita should be taking and which jobs they should take a moral stand against, and it seems that the need for survival can make even the most noble of soldiers make some questionable decisions. Though Ryan has made his mistakes, you get the sense that he’s aware of the lines he’s crossing – Nikita isn’t always that smart. One mistake bleeds into another, after all, and Michael losing his hand has taken priority over any moral high ground she would have liked to hold on to.

But, after being kidnapped by Amanda last week, Alex has regained her strength of character and is pushing against her superiors. She knows she can get away with it, first and foremost, and the show is always at its best when Nikita and Alex are a little bit at odds with each other. Her dynamic with Birkoff was also unexpectedly entertaining, as they discussed how much clearer things were when Percy was in charge – at least he was “actively evil.” Birkoff knows more than most what path they’re going down, having served under the old regime along with Michael, Nikita and Owen.

In the end, the immediate crisis is averted, but at the cost of utilizing a few old tricks. Ryan and Nikita are now beginning to understand Percy’s methods of blackmail and threats more and more, and choose to get Danforth under the thumb with recordings of a few incriminating conversations. We then see him whispering in the president’s ear, and it buys Division a little bit more time to round up the Dirty Thirty before she catches on to what they’ve done. They might be out of the woods, but I sure hope we don’t go back to the endless standalone episodes we got in the beginning.

‘Inevitability’ was Nikita at its very best – tense, action-packed and with a few moral dilemmas thrown in for good measure. What did you think of the episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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