Warner Bros. Television Building Real Life ‘Suburgatory’

Suburgatory Season 2 Episode 12 Body Talk (6)

Editor’s Note Update: Apparently, here at TV Equals, we are pretty gullible as we fell for the April Fool’s Day prank like quite a few people. So bravo Warner Bros, Bravo! Still think it would be a good idea though. Americ – Editor

Warner Bros. Studio plans to recreate Chatswin, the fictitious town that has come alive in the ABC sitcom Suburgatory. The studio will build on 400 acres of unclaimed land that is located in upstate New York with ambitions to recreate businesses like A Crystal Cup of Crystals, Chatswin High School, Chatswin Country Club and The Gurt Locker

Once the town is up and running, the Emily Kapnek created show will not only film on location, but has plans to move actress Ana Gasteyer to the real life Chatswin. Gasteyer, who plays Sheila Shay will host parties and more while staying in character. Other ‘Suburgatory’ cast members are also making plans to visit the town and interact with fans who can win a chance to relocate to the New York area.

For the unknown, ‘Suburgatory’ chronicles the character Tessa (Jane Levy) who unwillingly moves from the city with her father George (Jeremy Sisto), to the suburbs. Other cast members include Rex Lee, Chris Parnell, Carly Chaikin, Allie Grant with Alan Tudyk and Cheryl Hines. The series comes from producers Piece of Pie Productions, and Warner Bros. Television. Emily Kapnek also serves as an executive producer.

Viewers of ‘Suburgatory’ will have a chance to become an official resident of Chatswin. All details — including home listings, job openings and educational enrollment can be found at www.thewb.com/suburgatory.