The Middle “The Bachelor” Advance Review – Salads, Fireworks & Compliments


After watching episodes of The Middle here and there, it is now officially part of my weekly TV schedule and tonight’s episode “The Bachelor” is yet another reason to keep it there.

In tonight’s new episode, we’ll find Frankie obsessed with The Bachelor to the point that she just can’t get over whom he decides to marry. Now I’ve never actually seen The Bachelor (the most I’ve seen are clips), but as a TV addict, I could totally relate to Frankie’s feelings of misery related to a show, which made it a lot more fun to watch. I think all you TV addicts will be able to relate as well.

But Frankie is only part of the story tonight, Axl and Cassidy hit a bit of a hurdle in their relationship and try to figure out where to go from there. Expect salads, instagram, fireworks and songs…

And finally, sweet Sue joins the school’s tennis team. Granted it started out as a mistake but with Mike enlisted to teach her, there might be hope for her. If she could only stop complimenting her opponents during the matches… or should she?

Every time I write about The Middle, I share my love for Sue, well I can’t help myself, she’s too funny and adorable. And to make things even cuter, expect some nice Darrin moments. These two… I just can’t.

Unfortunately, Brick doesn’t make too many appearances in this episode, but he does play a key part, which will put a smile on your face.

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And don’t forget to watch The Middle in tonight, April 3rd at 8pm on ABC.

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