Survivor: Caramoan Review “Blindside Time”

Survivor: Caramoan returned tonight with “Blindside Time”, as we see Gota and Bikal merge into Enil Edam! It was so sweet of Malcolm to name the merged tribe after his mom, but it’s going to be weird typing out that strange name for the remainder of the season.

Anyway, we quickly see certain tribe members start to pair up and try to make their own alliances, with Corinne and Malcolm being standouts as they plot to blindside Phillip. Because as Corinne and the episode title would indicate: “It’s blindside time!” I find it a little strange that none of the fans seem to be making any effort to get any further in this game. In fact, the fans seem to be getting absolutely zero screen time. I realize that there’s more favorites left than fans, but they could at least make an effort to show anybody except Reynold.

The immunity challenge was a Survivor classic, as the contestants had to eat local “delicacies”, including pig brain and chicken embryos. There was a couple very close calls, and in a big shocker Cochran upset Malcolm to win his very first individual immunity challenge! If Cochran wasn’t already my favorite player of this game so far, his hilarious celebration would have sealed it for me. It was clear that Cochran very rarely has reason to celebrate, as he looked pretty goofy jumping up and down and throwing punches like a boxer.

Cochran getting the immunity necklace was pretty exciting, but it really didn’t affect the vote very much. The two names bandied about for the vote were Sherri and Corinne, with Corinne actually being the 9th person sent home. It was deliciously ironic that Corinne gave us the episode title of “Blindside Time”, and ended up being the one who was completely blindsided.

I’m hoping that the fans have an increased role in the remaining episodes, especially now that it’s clear that the favorites are willing to turn against each other. I love seeing all of these old Survivor contestants again, but I want to have new favorite players! I’m excited to see what happens next, especially considering the future cast-offs will be jury members from now on!

Random Thoughts:

– I like how they either forgot or didn’t have room to put all of the names of the tribe members onto the sides of the Enil Edam flag, so they just scrawled “Michael!” in the middle of the flag.

– Do we have any “delicacies” that we eat here that other countries would think are disgusting?

– It was kind of odd that Cochran didn’t seem to think that Corinne had a strategic bone in her body. She’s been plotting and scheming the whole time!