Smash Season 2 Review “The Parents”

This week’s Smash was called ‘The Parents’, but it was the grown-ups who made the most mistakes here. As teased last week, Ivy’s mother has joined the cast of ‘Bombshell’ much to her daughter’s dismay, and Karen’s dad arrives in town just in time to see Jimmy sneaking out of her bedroom window like a teenage boy out past his curfew.

While this might sound juvenile, his assumption that the mysterious gentleman caller was her director, Derek, led to some big consequences that we’ll see develop over the next couple of weeks. The biggest of these was Derek’s discovery of Karen and Jimmy’s relationship, and he’s not best pleased about the union. He warned his composer off of his star, and now that he knows he’s been ignored, things could get ugly for all three of them. Was Karen’s father right to meddle the way he did? Probably not, but at least it removes the secrecy from the situation.

And that’s not ‘Hit List’s only issue, as new diva Ana stole the show hands down at the fundraiser. Seeing as it was the first time potential investors got to see snippets of the show, it might have been a bad move to have Karen sing a lacklustre solo opposite such a full and elaborate production. Now it makes good business sense to promote Ana to co-lead with Karen and Jimmy, but the last minute change could well cause some friction between the performers. Will Karen just be happy that her friend is doing so well so quickly?

And Ivy’s having her own trouble sharing the spotlight, as her overbearing mother blasts back into her life by invite from Tom. It’s sad for Tom to lose yet another relationship to the musical, with Ivy telling him that they’re no longer friends, but he really should have been professional and let his lead actress in on the plan. This casting may get the most publicity, but it sure hasn’t made anyone any new friends. In the end, Ivy and Leigh put on a cracking performance between mother and daughter on and off the stage, so all might not be lost if they can keep the peace until opening night.

Meanwhile, Jimmy continues on his journey of bad decisions, as his past re-emerges and threatens to ruin his present set-up. I haven’t read a critique of Smash season two that cares for this character as of yet, so I guess nobody gives a damn about his drug/money problems either. It was nice to see Derek take care of somebody else for a change, but that’s about it. Who knows, with the show almost certainly getting cancelled at the end of this season, the whole ordeal could be a way for the writers to push Karen into Derek’s eagerly awaiting arms.

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