Happy Endings Season 3 Review “In the Heat of the Noche” & “The Straight Dope”

It’s been over a month since Happy Endings last graced our television screens and, despite the ominous and questionable marketing campaign from ABC, it’s blooming marvelous to have it back! Even if there’s a sense that the “Save Happy Endings” promos aren’t going to get what they want, we can still enjoy a brand new slew of episodes from our favorite sitcom.

And, as was the way before it went on hiatus, we now get two helpings a week. The first episode of the night, ‘In the Heat of the Noche’ was ever-so-slightly better this time, with the action evening spread throughout the group and half of the characters helping out at Chuckles and Hugs. With Brad’s business knowledge, Dave’s ability to make a hit song out of one profanity, and Alex’s tendency to take things too far with her business, they manage to save the gym from going under and Brad gets offered a brand new job.

Meanwhile, Penny and Max prove once again what an amazing double-act they are as Penny decides to teach her friend how to regain the power in his new relationship. In order to do this, they must sleep for the bulk of the day (with the help of some mysterious Mexican serum) to avoid texting or calling their significant others. Poor Pete gets so worried by the end of the week that he cancels his trip to check she’s alright. Power regained – advantage Penny.

But the new guy Max was dating is nowhere to be seen in the second episode, ‘The Straight Dope’, as he attempts to date a woman for her complimentary game tickets. The facade is hilarious to watch if not just for his technique of ‘pre-kissing’, and nothing made me laugh harder than the final reveal of Derek (“drama!”) similarly taking advantage. Max nearly followed through in an attempt to get him and Brad Jay-Z tickets but, after trying to strap down her boobs and then gagging whenever she got close, she saw through the act.

And the main story of the second half-hour was Alex’s attempt to expand her mind and pick-up deeper interests. We, like Dave and Jane, love her the way she is – bad reality-television habits and all – and it’s a relief when she drops the performance in favor of ‘watching TV ironically’. Jane’s right – there’s really no difference between this and just enjoying something awful and shallow, and we could all stand to be a little less cynical when it comes to our entertainment.

There’s no need to watch Happy Endings with any irony, however, as this was a brilliant return for the show that reminded us all why would miss it if it were gone forever. All I can say is “Save Happy Endings”, and watch it live until ABC announces their final decision.

What did you think of the episode? Did you want to see more of Penny and Pete? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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