‘True Blood’ Season 6 Trailer: Could This Really Be “The Beginning Of The End”?

“Is it Bill?” asks Jessica in the new True Blood trailer.

The answer she gets is a decisive no as we see a bloody, burned Bill clearly on a rampage as he assaults an electrical box and menaces Sookie and Eric before impressively baring his fangs. The trailer’s other highlights include a shot of a mysterious bearded figure (who may or may not herald “the beginning of the end” depending on how much we can trust the voiceover), Lafayette looking like a badass with a shotgun and Alcide ripping his shirt off– you know, just normal Bon Temps stuff.

Check out the trailer below. What do you think of Bill’s descent into full-on supervillain mode?

Season six of True Blood premieres Sunday, June 16th at 9PM on HBO.