The Mindy Project Season 1 Review “My Cool Christian Boyfriend”

On this week’s first of two new episodes of “The Mindy Project,” we got to meet Mindy’s “Cool Christian Boyfriend.” Leave it to Mindy to be flattered when someone tells her on the subway she looks like a “rapper’s publicist.” Though not meant as a compliment, she still ends up setting up a date with the guy, who turns out to be a minister, which she has mixed feelings about at first.

Mindy also has more understandably mixed feelings about attending a volunteer gig at a local women’s prison with everyone else at the office: “A women’s prison? Ugh. Come on, you guys, if I wanted to get shanked, I’d just shave my legs drunk again. Am I right?”

Then she attends her would-be paramour’s church service and sees him in action- loved the Tyler Perry-inspired church clothes- and has a change of heart when Pastor Casey accuses her of being more selfish than he’d like. The Pastor’s sermon was hilariously hipster, complete with his singing lyrics from a Bruno Mars song while Moby spun records (!), much to Danny’s horror. It kind of reminded me of a slightly more modern version of the hip youth pastor in the movie “Saved!”

I liked Mindy’s later defense of her impulsive ways back at the office: “Yes, I am preaching to the choir, which is uniquely challenging because often they are singing and cannot hear you.” Danny draws the line at her quoting Jesus, however: “Wait, you can’t quote Jesus. You’ve been to church once. He knows what you are.”

Mindy decides to go to the “lady joint” after all, to prove that she can be selfless like Pastor Casey. Morgan, as a former convict, makes it a point to put forth a lot of rules and regulations as to what they can expect: “If you show fear, they will literally eat you.”

It actually turns out to be even worse than he thought, as Danny gets a proposition he can refuse and tries to wriggle out of the situation, positioning Morgan: “Can I trade you? Because that woman just asked to buy my penis.” (Yikes!) Morgan scoffs: “She doesn’t even have any money!”

Mindy actually is faring quite well, but makes the fatal mistake of giving one convict a candy bar, who then drops it, inciting a riot. Poor Mindy is assaulted during the melee and even has a huge chunk of her hair cut off in one fell swoop by one of the convicts.

She is not pleased, though Danny tries to cheer her up in his inimitable way: “Thank God you’re not back in India where that injury would make you unmarriable. That, plus your age.” Morgan is also an unhappy camper, berating everyone for not following his rules, despite all his warnings: “Do you think I enjoy taping my genitals to my leg? Do you think that’s why I do it?”

Mindy later has dinner with her brother, lamenting how far the mighty have fallen when the Pastor sees her and apologizes for guilt-tripping her earlier. Might there be hope for these two mismatched lovebirds yet? Not if Rishi has anything to do with it.

So, a decent episode overall. The sermon was hilarious and the Morgan’s prison rules were pretty amusing, as was the big riot that broke out. Rishi was a bit wasted, especially in comparison to his big episode with the rap battle, which was one of the first episodes that really clicked for me, but the episode wasn’t really about him so that’s not that big of a deal on the whole. Hopefully, he’ll get one more chance to shine before the end of the season, because that character is pretty funny when he’s used well.

I’m not sure how to feel about the double dose of “The Mindy Project” this week, especially with the second episode on a Thursday, which is already overstuffed as it is. Hopefully, they’re not looking to relocate the show permanently. Still, I’m looking forward to that episode as well, be that as it may.

What did you think of “The Mindy Project” this week? Did you get a kick out of the pastor? How about the women’s prison? What did you make of Morgan’s extensive prison rules? Would you like to see Mindy and Pastor Casey become a thing or not? Let me know in the comments!