The Carrie Diaries Season 1 Review “A First Time for Everything”

Carrie and Sebastian’s relationship might have been moving along swimmingly for a little while but, as proven in this week’s The Carrie Diaries, ‘A First Time for Everything’, high school relationships aren’t that great at withstanding complications like work and ambition.

In this penultimate episode, Sebastian and Carrie both make surprising admissions to each other over a game of Trivial Pursuit. Sebastian’s is that he’s in love with Carrie, while she replies with her desire to have sex with him. It might not have been the most romantic of statements, but it was greeted, predictably, with initial enthusiasm nonetheless. The trouble is, Carrie over-thinks everything and finds it impossible to live in the moment like Sebastian does. Cue an overly-planned evening of ‘perfection’ that we just knew would blow up in her face.

The night in question, after which the couple planned to stay over at a hotel, was a Madonna party for which Carrie was supposed to be working. First, Larissa had forgotten to put Carrie down for a plus one and, then, she’s called away to get an important quote from the writer of Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin’. She literally has to choose between love and her career, with both standing right in front of her at the same party, and Carrie decides that her first ever byline in Interview magazine would be better for her than a few more minutes with her boyfriend on their ‘perfect’ evening.

The trouble is, Sebastian doesn’t see it that way, and considers Carrie’s distractedness a repeat of how his family have treated him over the years. It’s sad to watch him repeatedly tell her “it’s fine,” knowing that behind those words is a quiet acceptance of abandonment from everyone he loves. After the party, they have an almighty argument, and Carrie finally acts impulsively by saying that they should break up. He accepts, and she’s absolutely crushed. Will these two regain their love in next week’s finale? I doubt it, as we know that this relationship isn’t going to be an easy one to work out.

Meanwhile, Tom, Dorrit and Mouse are having far less trouble in the bedroom department. First, Tom is having his first sleepover with a woman since his wife died, but is shocked to discover that his date has invited him over when her son is also in the house. This was a nice storyline to include for all of the adult viewers, since navigating a relationship between two single parents is a problem so many people have these days. Then there’s Dorrit, whose burgeoning relationship with the boy from last week has now led her to discover her sexuality. She’s even started dressing girly again.

What did you think of the episode? Should Carrie have had to choose between work and love? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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