Teen Wolf Season 3 WonderCon 2013 Panel with Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien

Teen Wolf season 3 is set to premiere on MTV on Monday, June 3 at 10pm. We may have about two months to wait for the new season, but that doesn’t mean we have to wait that long to see what the show has in store.

Stars Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien, along with writer Jeff Davis, were on hand at WonderCon 2013 to host a special screening and Q & A for fans of the show. The panel was full of lots of laughs, but in between the guys managed to talk about what it’s been like shooting the series, as well as what we can expect in season 3.

Here are some things we learned in the panel:

The Teen Wolf season 2 DVD is going to have some great stuff on it. Jeff Davis teased at the panel that the season 2 DVD will have a lot of extra on it, including deleted scenes, commentary and a gag reel. We were shown a bit of the gag reel in the panel and I can attest that it is hilarious.

Season 3 begins four months after what happened in the season 2 finale. When the show returns in June, expect to see everyone recovered from the trauma and drama of last season’s finale. Jeff Davis remarked that they wanted to jump ahead because he didn’t think people needed to see the actual recovery process of each of the characters. It also gives them a good starting point to move forward with the story.

Season 3 will be very dark. When asked for more details about season 3, Jeff Davis said that they are going for a “horror season” and that it will be very dark. He teased that one scene in particular, between Posey and O’Brien, will have fans in tears. However, he promised that it will also have plenty of light moments and laughter as well.

The alphas are going to be a force to be reckoned with. As part of the panel, fans were shown a special sneak peek clip from season 3. In the clip, we saw a violent fight between Derek and a few Alphas. The fight was brutal and featured a couple of the new Alphas who will be appearing in season 3.

Scott and Allison’s relationship is up in the air. Asked to talk about how things will be between Scott and Allison in season 3, O’Brien said that Scott will need some time to take care of himself before he can think about being with her or anyone. He said that, for now at least, their relationship is “up in the air.”

Danny will have some romance in season 3. Jeff Davis promised fans that Danny will find romance in season 3. “We get a lot of mileage out of pairing people up and seeing what happens.” Davis said.

We will learn more about Scott’s father and Stiles’ mother. Jeff Davis promised that fans will eventually get to meet Scott’s father and that he will “play a pivotal role” this season. He also promised that fans will learn a little bit more about Stiles’ mother this season.

Dylan O’Brien can’t watch himself on screen. Tyler Posey revealed an interesting behind-the-scenes fact about his co-star O’Brien. Apparently O’Brien doesn’t like watching himself on screen and avoids it whenever possible. O’Brien said that seeing himself on any type of video is “hard to get used to.”

Tyler Posey finds it easier to play Scott. Going into the third season, Tyler Posey remarked that getting into character was much easier than it had been any time before. “We are the same dude now, kind of.” Posey said about getting into Scott’s head.

MTV has never had any trouble with the LGBT content on the show. When asked if the network had any trouble with any of the gay storylines on the series, Jeff Davis said that it had never been a problem for MTV. “Why not see all types of people have romance on TV?” Davis remarked.

Stiles’ real name will only be revealed in the series finale. Asked if fans will ever learn Stiles’ real name, Jeff Davis said that that was one of those secrets that they will keep forever. He said that the only way it would be revealed is in the last scene of the last episode.

What do you think now that you’ve heard more about Teen Wolf season 3? Whose story are you most excited to see when the show returns to MTV in June?

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