Supernatural Book Review: “Fresh Meat”

Supernatural Book Review - Fresh Meat

Hey there Supernatural fans! It’s time for another installment of Supernatural Chat and this time I’ve got a review of the latest Supernatural novel, called “Fresh Meat.” The book is by Alice Henderson and overall, I think she did a pretty bang-up job at bringing the Winchesters to the page.

The story

In the novel, the term “fresh meat” refers to people that are being killed for their, well, meat. It wouldn’t be a Supernatural book without a good monster and the best part of this one for me was the fact that you didn’t have just one monster. I don’t want to give away too much of course, but I can say that Sam and Dean deal with a whole lot of monsters in this one. There are monsters that we’ve seen on the show before, as well as a new type of monster that hasn’t been seen on the show yet.

Sam and Dean go after whatever’s been using the people of a small town for its own private buffet, bringing Bobby along for the ride. It was great to see Bobby in the book and if you’re a big Bobby fan, I think you’ll love how much he’s in this one. Once Sam, Dean and Bobby are on the trail of the creature (or creatures), things happen that split the group up. Now before you get your shorts in a bind about the boys being split up, let me say that it works for the story. With the guys working different aspects of the case from different areas (Sam with Bobby and Dean with a new character), more things happen to turn it into an “I have to save my brother!” situation. There’s nothing better than a Winchester saving a Winchester and there’s a particularly good rescue scene in this one (though I won’t say who will need rescuing as I think that will ruin it).

One of my favorite things about the story is the fact that most of it takes place during a huge snow storm. I’ve always had a thing for stories that take place in cold and snow – probably due to the fact that I’ve lived in warm locations my entire life and have only seen snow a few times. Henderson does a great job at describing the conditions the characters find themselves in and I found it a treat to imagine Sam, Dean and Bobby trudging through the snow and fighting the elements in all of their heavy-weather gear. For me, part of the fun of these novels is getting the chance to see the boys in places we never do on the show and that was certainly the case in “Fresh Meat.”

The characters

Unlike at least one of the other novels in this series, this book actually has a good handle on Sam and Dean. The things that they do, the thoughts that they have and the lines that they say are pretty consistent with their characters on the show. The novel takes place in season seven, between the episodes “Shut up, Dr. Phil” and “Slash Fiction.” So the Sam we see is being haunted by Lucifer and Dean is being haunted by the fact that his best friend (Castiel) has just betrayed them and become evil.

Other than a few mentions of those inner struggles though, the book mostly concentrates on its own story. That’s exactly how a tie-in novel is supposed to work, but I did wish a few times that Lucifer had shown up a little more than he did. I think he would’ve made an interesting addition to the book.

The horror

One thing you can count on with a Supernatural novel is horror and this one was no slouch in that department. In the book, we are treated to things such as walking corpses, live bodies being sucked dry for food, a monster with a new set of abilities we haven’t seen yet and much more.

Because of the different types of monsters and the volume of them, Sam, Dean and Bobby find themselves outgunned and outnumbered a lot. Part of the horror is the violence inflicted upon our heroes. It is unrelenting, especially near the end, and every single one of them suffers some brutal injuries throughout the book. So if you’re a fan who likes the Winchesters uninjured, you might not enjoy this book. But seeing how most fans seem to love it when the boys are abused on the show, I’m guessing most people will enjoy this aspect of the novel. After all, you can’t fight evil without getting beat up a time or two, right?

Overall, I enjoyed Supernatural: Fresh Meat a lot and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the show and also likes to read action/horror novels. It has a lot fun elements to it and I guarantee the story will keep you guessing until the end.

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Supernatural - Fresh Meat