Revolution Season 1 Review “Ghosts”

Revolution Episode 12 Ghosts (3)

Revolution‘s second episode back, ‘Ghosts’, saw the gang split up once again, this time so Miles can track down one of his old militia colleagues. The plan is for him to reform of a team of his best and most trusted and bring Monroe down. The problem? No one’s particularly happy with Miles after he chickened out of killing Miles the last time.

Back at the Rebel camp, Rachel realised that Randall can track the pendants. She destroyed the two in her possession, but not before militia men and Randall turn up looking for her. He wants her to help him restore power. Not for everyone, but for a select few, namely him and Monroe. All of the Rebels escape and the gang reunites at the end of the episode.

While this was a good episode, it harkened back to when we met characters in the first half of the season and weren’t quite sure what their role was supposed to be. This week we got Jim, who was formerly under Miles’ command in the Monroe militia. After a large part of the episode spent prying him away from his new life in order to protect it (a trope that’s been done to death on TV), Jim is now a part of the rebel group. That’s great, but does it mean we’ll have to sit through long extraction plots for the remaining men in Monroe’s plan? Let’s hope not.

Perhaps the most important thing we learned this week was why the power was turned off. It turns out that Randall had a son in the military who died in Afghanistan. This cemented Randall’s need to take power away from the unworthy — both figuratively and literally — and lead to him turning out the lights. Now he’s the one who can assign power to those he deems worthy of possessing it. It’s a pretty decent conceit, but we really need to know why other people in the government went along with this plan. Did they know what the full extent of the blackout would be? Is it really plausible that Randall could hide the true outcome from other people in the government? We’ll have to wait and see.

Hopefully it won’t take too long to start getting some answers. Aaron asked Rachel to tell him everything at the end of the episode; she said that there’s a place called ‘the tower’. Presumably this is where we saw the scientist Grace trying to access elevators last week. What’s in the tower, and who will get to it first? It remains to be seen, but let’s hope it happens soon before things start dragging again.

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