POLL: Which The Big Bang Theory Character Do You Identify With The Most?

Howard, Bernadette, Amy, Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Penny - The Big Bang Theory

It does not take a rocket scientist to notice that in general individual TV shows contain a range of characters. And, while this is likely due to the potential for drama when you have this range interact, I think there is also the factor of providing the viewing audience with characters we can identify with.

Now, let me be clear that this poll is not asking which character is your favorite. It is possible that the character you identify with is your favorite, or it may be that character is not your favorite.

So, then, what do I mean by identify with a character? There are a couple of ways to approach this. It could be that when you watch that character on TV, you think to yourself – Yes, me too! Or, maybe that character says, does, or thinks things that you thought only you did. Possibly the character is experiencing things you have experienced or are experiencing. Maybe you feel empathy and can relate to that character. It could be you recognize part of yourself in them. Any of these cases works fine for defining identifying with a character.

With that in mind, let’s look at the main characters on The Big Bang Theory.


Penny - The Big Bang Theory

Penny is the character with the best social skills. She has street smarts as opposed to book smarts. She understands people, and knows how to navigate life.


Sheldon - The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon is totally lacking in social skills. He does have plenty of book smarts, but no street smarts. One could consider him the diametric opposite of Penny. He is both a geek and a nerd.


Leonard - The Big Bang Theory

Leonard is a hybrid. While he has plenty of book smarts, he also possesses some street smarts too. He understands interpersonal relationships and can leave his comfort zone to explore new activities, but fully embraces his geeky side. He is both a geek and a nerd.


Howard - The Big Bang Theory

Howard is a mama’s boy. He is so codependent with his mom, that he sees nothing wrong with her still dominating his life. At first, he fully expected Bernadette to treat him like his mother did and do his laundry and cater to his every wish.


Raj - The Big Bang Theory

Raj has a complete fear of the opposite gender, and can only talk to a woman when slightly buzzed. He also is fully in touch with his feminine side, and likes to plan parties and makes comments that are not what you hear from a stereotypical non-gay man.


Bernadette - The Big Bang Theory

A Ph.D. scientist, she is a nerd, but does not fit the stereotype of being a geek. She does not enjoy video games or comic books. She humors Howard, but does not always get him. She does however get his mom and has adopted some of her behaviors to better fit into Howard’s life.


Amy - The Big Bang Theory

Another Ph.D. scientist, and a nerd but not a geek, Amy is much more nerdy than Bernadette. Her level of social skills is above that of Sheldon’s, but below Bernadette’s. She longs for friendships and latches onto anyone willing to be her friend.


Now for the moment of truth – who do I most closely identify with? I have to go with Leonard. I freely admit to being a geeky nerd, while having street smarts too and occasionally leaving my comfort zone. Vote in the poll provided below.

Who did you vote for? Please tell me about your choice in the comment section below – I love discussing these things with you all! And, if you feel I am wrong in any of my character descriptions, please let me know.