Monday Mornings Season 1 Review “Wheels within Wheels”

‘Wheels within Wheels’ saw Monday Mornings at its resolution-lacking best. This week there was a young man with hypergraphia caused by temporal lobe epilepsy, a judge with an advanced case of syphillis, and a successful, if not perfectly executed, bit of work by Robidaux on a patient with a blocked airway.

The latter is the only storyline that had a beginning, middle and an end. Robidaux managed to save a woman’s life, was pulled up by Hooten, who saw her work as shoddy, and then presumably learned from her mistake. The patient was none the wiser, the local news saw it as a feel good story, and everything was tied up at the end.

The same can’t be said for the other two storylines. The young man with hypergraphia refused treatment and, with Park’s blessing, continued to write, wholly aware that his epilepsy will get worse. While this is an acceptable outcome, and an unusual one in that the doctors didn’t all get their own way, it felt unfinished. We knew very little about this man or what he was writing; Park said his writing was good but not even a snippet was read aloud to prove this. A good premise was let down by a 2D character and a lack of any actual tension in the plot.

The judge’s storyline was just as bad. Hooten and Wilson went in to investigate a brain tumour and discovered the problem was caused by syphillis she had contracted decades prior. Fair enough, but then her diagnosis was leaked to the media and the storyline came a debate about privacy in the digital age. How could Monday Mornings possibly make things better for a judge whose reputation has been tarnished by the misunderstandings that will inevitably arise from the leak? It didn’t. Napur, someone who has a lot of ideas about privacy but, as far as we’ve seen, no actual expertise on the matter, was tasked with coming up with a way to stop future leaks. Fantastic work, guys.

In short, this episode wasn’t really worth watching. Here’s hoping things improve in next week’s season 1 finale.

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