Lost Girl Season 3 Review “Adventures in Fae-bysitting”

On the latest episode of “Lost Girl,” we got a second Bo & Kenzi go undercover in a row, with the amusingly-titled “Adventures in Fae-bysitting.” Of the two, I’d have to say the last one was way funnier, but this one had some interesting twists that made it not your average case-of-the-week type episode, particularly in regards to the fact that everything was not neatly resolved in the slightest, and there wasn’t exactly a happy ending for those innocents involved.

The crime seemingly involved a series of suburban people caught cheating and subsequently killed for it, with all roads leading back to their nubile babysitter, Lisa, aka “Tits McGee.” (LOL.) But was someone else actually pulling the strings? Someone with fae abilities? Perhaps more than one? It was up to our girls to investigate: “Alert the neighborhood watch: hotties be invading,” indeed.

Turned out there were actually witches afoot (“You bitches are witches!”), which if you watch “Being Human” as well, meant last night was a virtual witch-a-palooza. Interestingly, as with the witch on that show, the ones on “Lost Girl” evaded capture as well, which means we haven’t seen the last of them, likely. I liked that the one that seemed to be calling all the shots (her “Sisterhood of the Traveling Witches”-speech was hilariously overwrought) was actually less powerful than the shiny happy dopey one- though a little of her went a long way, cute though she might have been.

I also liked the whole inexplicable carousel thing, which resulted in some of the more surreal moments of the show, reminding me of what I liked about the episode before the big “Dawning” one, with the whole dream-like trailer park thing. I prefer weird and dreamy to whatever that was going on with the alternate mind-world or whatever. That was more confusing than anything.

We also had our first full-on verification of what some viewers have felt was really going on- that Bo’s father was somehow involved with everything lately (particularly Bo’s increased powers) and that the “Dawning” confirmation process maybe wasn’t fully over yet. No word on whether or not Bo’s pop is actually Odin as some have suggested, but it sounds good to me, so I’ll choose to accept that until we get told different or someone else has a better theory. Either way, Bo said she never saw his face, just that he passed along power to her.

There was also the big reveal that someone- or something- is hunting fae down and killing them wholesale, leading to the discovery of a whole field of fae corpses, light and dark alike. It also verified what Dyson had long suspected, that someone had set Bo up with the corpse they found in the alley earlier in the season (the one Bo had a one-night-stand with), as the field was near that location. One of the faes found also was responsible for the other case this week, involving the death of a gorgeous twin whose identical sister wanted to get to the bottom of what had happened to her sibling. But how was all this connected, really?

To make matters worse, there was a camera on property, so whoever buried all those bodies knows that the police know, so they likely won’t be coming back to that particular burial ground. Is it Bo’s dad? What about the Morrigan? Both working together? Maybe even Bo’s mother? Or Bo herself, who was possessed by her father at the time? We’ve seen her go all succubus-eyed from time to time, even before the whole “Dawning” thing, remember? I think maybe Bo’s father has been interacting with her for longer than we might realize. But it could also be a human killer, too, as alluded to in the preview for next week.

Also, what’s up with Hale resorting to the old Ash’s tactics with Dr. Lauren? As in basically trying to keep her under his control like his predecessor? Might it have something to do with her alter ego, Karen Beattie, as discovered by her medical associate Issac, who whisked her away toward the end of the episode? What was that about? It would appear Lauren used to be a criminal of some kind, but that seems hard to believe. I guess you never can tell. Hale didn’t seem to know about it, though, but how will he react when he discovers Lauren’s gone AWOL? And can we really trust this Issac?

Lots and lots of questions, and it’s a little worrisome that they are still introducing new plotlines this late in the game, but I’m going to trust that they know where they’re going with all this. They really did a good job of setting up the Kenzi kidnapping storyline in retrospect, so I think they know exactly what they’re doing with all this, too, and they are still referring back all the way to earlier in the season, so it’s not like they’re just ignoring everything that’s happened thus far. Either way, we’ve only got two more episodes to go, so the clock’s ticking on a whole lot of resolution.

What did you think of “Lost Girl” this week? Did you enjoy the witchy women plotline, or prefer your crime of the week to be sillier, a la last week? Feel bad for poor Lisa’s fate? Do you, too want to be like Super-Kenz? What in the world is going on with Lauren and this Issac character? What’s up with Bo’s dad? Is he a good or a bad dad? Is he Odin or someone else mythological? Who’s killing off fae? What’s up with Hale? So many questions, so little time!

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