Cougar Town Season 4 Review “The Criminal Kind”

Though not a full-on homage, this week’s Cougar Town had several great references to The Breakfast Club that made “The Criminal Kind” one of the most light-hearted episodes of the season. The funny shout outs to the John Hughes classic all served a purpose, though, as several members of the Cul-de-Sac Crew struggled to accept the roles they filled within the group.

Of course, Ellie has long accepted her cruel nature, so instead she was helping Grayson come to terms with his jerk side. It wasn’t a surprise that Ellie was the one leaving the nasty Yelp reviews of Grayson, but it was ultimately another sweet moment between the two. Their love/hate relationship has always been more love than they’d like to admit, so any moment where the two bond over their mutual cruelty is oddly sweet.

Jules’ inability to commit a simple crime, meanwhile, was a fairly standard plotline that didn’t really get going until she was thrown into grocery store jail. The early scenes in the episode had too many tired gags about how straight-laced Jules is, from her inability to shoplift to the failed prank phone call. After they were behind bars, though, her paranoia got the better of her, making for some of the episode’s funniest moments. In particular, her need to get ripped to avoid being beaten up was a good laugh.

The big moment this episode came at the very end, with Travis and Laurie finally on the path to a real relationship. The episode ended before Travis gave a hard answer to Laurie’s declaration of feelings, but given his desire to stop sleeping around, it seems next week will finally see the two together. I’m still not entirely convinced the relationship will work out, but it’ll be interesting to watch, if nothing else.

Cougar Town once again had a Scrubs feel this week, with all of the characters providing an internal monologue throughout the episode. As a result, none of the jokes here were that original, but it was still fun to get inside of everyone’s heads for a little bit.

Did you enjoy the rather upbeat cover of “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” as much as I did? Let me know in the comments?