Being Human Season 3 Review “Always a Bridesmaid, Never Alive”

On the latest episode of “Being Human,” we had two major events happening, nearly at the same time: Josh and Nora’s wedding and the witch-down with Donna over Sally’s soul. Leave it to the show to manage to be thrilling and touching in such short order on the wryly-titled “Always a Bridesmaid, Never Alive.”

Things were not looking good with Sally, with her decomposition happening at an accelerated rate, making it unclear as to whether or not she’d even make it to the wedding. But as Josh pointed out, Sally already died once and survived it, so no big whoop. The real question was, if you had to spend the afterlife in one outfit, what would it be?

The answer came in history’s grossest trying-on-dresses montage ever, which is so this show. I did think it was great that Sally finally had someone in Nora that recognized how much it must have sucked to be stuck in that same outfit for the first part of the series and the foresight to prepare for it accordingly this time around…if there was another go round. Funny, dark, warped stuff, just like us fans like it.

I also loved Aidan’s speech to Sally about what it’s like to feel your heart stop beating. As she didn’t know death was coming last time, she got a much better opportunity to make her peace with whatever the outcome might be, which was nice. However, the gang wasn’t going down with a fight, so Josh and Aidan insisted on coming with Sally when her door finally appeared, which it did. (Loved Nora’s line here, when Sally “died” again: “I really think we made the right choice with the dress.”)

As I mentioned, this show excels at balancing the sweet with the sour, and no sooner than that sad (if lovely) moment with Sally’s death happen than things went dark, as Aidan plunged his hand into Sally’s ribcage and ripped out her heart, almost without warning. Yikes! Apparently, the heart has magical properties and Aidan thought it would come in handy. Note also that Josh still couldn’t see Sally at this point, having not quite gone through his big transformation yet.

However, once they passed through the door, Josh could see Sally again, so apparently entering another dimension can have that effect on you as well. There was also a weird limbo-land on the way to witch central where Josh got attacked by his inner wolf and Aidan was attacked by his own son, who turned into a vampire. Not sure what that was about, but I took it to be the witch sizing up her opponents weaknesses.

After reuniting with one another, both Josh and Aidan lied about what they’d seen, for whatever reason, but there was no time to debate, as Ray showed up. Josh took on that opponent while Sally and Aidan moved on in search of the witch. Ray, was of course, the werewolf that turned Josh initially…and who Josh killed previously.

Josh apologized, but said he had to do it, which was true; and then he and Ray go at it. The fight was brief but intense, and Josh certainly took Ray’s head off like a boss, didn’t he? Josh didn’t even have to turn wolf to do it (not sure if he could have yet)…though Ray eventually did. I liked how when Josh cut off the head it was a wolf, but when the head landed, it was human. That was pretty cool.

Meanwhile, Aidan and Sally find Donna and confront her. Donna admits that she’s been feeding off of souls for power and youth for centuries, possibly even longer than Aidan. “Salem?” he asks. “Andover,” says Donna, “Salem got all the press.” I love a witch with a sense of humor about herself. The funny didn’t stop there, either. When Sally started reciting the Latin spell that the psychic gave her, Donna laughed it off: “Someone memorized something.” LOL.

The spell turns Donna old, or shows her “true face” rather, and then Aidan uses a fire she starts to set Sally’s heart alight, which in turn sets Donna on fire. She just transfers it to Sally, though, and that’s all folks. Donna inhales her ashes and that’s that. Or is it? As Donna mentioned, Sally is the first to ever fight back, and it seems her fight isn’t done as Donna’s body rejects Sally’s energy or Sally explodes her from within or something like that. It was somewhat abrupt, but this being human, (see what I did there?) it was hardly the end of matters.

In the short term, though, their actions did indeed restore Sally to her former ghostly glory, new duds and all. Ditto Josh and Aidan, who returned to the apartment intact. After all that, they understandably want to postpone the wedding, but re-enter Emily and the show must go on again. I liked the bit where Aidan asked Josh if he was nervous about their impending nuptials and he was like: “I killed a zombie werewolf in a magical dimension a few hours ago, so pledging fidelity to the love of my life seems kind of tame in comparison.” True that.

Whatever the case, even I got a little misty-eyed when Josh said his vows, which were lovely. I’d also like to point out that Nora has totally won me over in the last few weeks. I was dubious of her at first, and missed Josh’s ex that got jacked some time ago, but Nora’s really grown on me recently. Her actions and support towards Aidan really helped, and she just seems happier and less broody lately, you know? Who’d have thought she’d become the upbeat voice of reason in the house this season?

We ended on another series of cliffhangers. First, we see that Kenny would appear to have been afflicted with the same thing as Jeff last week. Is he a…werepire? (Big ups to “Simon Says” for the terminology!) Something is definitely rotten in Kenmark, though, from the looks of things.

It would also appear that we haven’t seen the last of Donna, as Sally sees some sort of disturbance in the house with the candles which would seem ghost-related and not her doings. Also, Donna’s in the preview for next week, so clearly we’re not done with the witch-down, which is almost a relief. I mean, what went down in this episode wasn’t bad, but it was sort of pseudo-anti-climatic. You’d think after doing this power grab thing so many times Donna would have a contingency plan, just in case, whether anyone fought her on it before or not. It would appear that it is the case here and we haven’t seen the last of her just yet.

Last but not least, Liam finally returned, looking like “The Governor” over on “The Walking Dead,” which if you don’t watch that show, would mean he was down one eye. No pirate-like eye-patch yet, but one can dream. Who wouldn’t like to see a…wait for it…werepirate! Liam could put the arrr in arrrgh! (Yes, I went there.)

So, we’re looking at a combo platter of a witch-down, werepirate-down and a werepire-down, all in one episode. Clearly they are not playing around with this season finale this time. Hopefully, it will be something to see, and slightly more impressive that what we saw here in this penultimate episode. I mean, I liked the episode, don’t get me wrong, but they need to really bring it next week. I suspect someone won’t make it, likely Emily or Kat, if I had to guess. Or they could always take out Nora, though that would be one sucky honeymoon. Hopefully poor Josh won’t have to go through that whole thing again- the poor guy would never recover after losing two GFs in a row!

What did you think of “Being Human” this week? Ready for the big season finale? Any predictions? Think they might actually take out a major cast member? I’ve heard they’ve done something like before on the original BBC version…maybe the American one will follow suit? Let me know what you think in the comments!