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Arrow continues its first season on Wednesday April 3, with an episode called “Unfinished Business.” The cast, including Stephen Amell, Willa Holland, Paul Blackthorne and Colin Donnell, along with executive producer Marc Guggenheim, were on hand at WonderCon 2013 for a special Q&A and panel and talked a lot about what fans can expect in the rest of this season.

Here are some things we learned in the panel:

Willa Holland is ready to pick up a bow and arrow and kick some ass. Asked if we might start seeing Thea follow in her brother’s footsteps, Holland said, “I have been telling the writers that I am willing, ready and so freaking pumped to pick up a bow and arrow. I can kick some ass.”

The “salmon ladder” ended up on the show because of Stephen Amell. When asked whose idea it was to feature Oliver working out (and shirtless) in nearly episode, Guggenheim said, “All the crazy stuff we put on screen started with Stephen.” Apparently the writers were videos of everything that Stephen was doing to get in top notch condition to play the role and said to themselves “Oh my god, he can do these things?” When they saw him do the salmon ladder they thought they would be crazy NOT to put that into the show.

There is a five-year plan for the island backstory. Guggenheim spoke about the island backstory, saying, “We’ve always had a five-year plan for the island backstory. The final moment of season 5 will be Oliver lighting the fire to signal the boat.” The writers have planned out big jaw-dropping moments for the first five year, but that they “always surprise ourselves at how fast we burn through story.” Apparently things that we weren’t supposed to see this season have already happened.

The list from Oliver’s father won’t be around forever. When talking about the lives that Oliver has taken in the name of justice, Amell said, “Oliver is so hell-bent on the list he found on his father’s body and the instructions his father left him. That’s creating a lot of collateral damage. But the list won’t be around forever. I think one of the things we’re driving towards is Oliver doing what he does but maybe for more virtuous reasons that revenge.”

Things between Tommy and his father are looking up. Colin Donnell teased that things are not going right in Tommy’s world, and things weren’t looking good in his relationship with Oliver and other relationships on the show, one relationship that does look good is that with his father. He also told us that Wednesday’s episode will tell a lot about that.

There are some great moments between Oliver and Felicity coming up. When asked if there would be any romance between Felicity and Oliver this season, Guggenheim said, “Felicity had a crush on Oliver and always has, but the question is: will that be reciprocated anytime soon? The answer is that Oliver will have more on his hands with the love triangle that exists between him Laurel and Tommy. Felicity is going to have to take a number. That being said there are some really fun moments coming between Oliver and Felicity.” He went on to describe the moments as being so good that he predicts many fans will add them to their list of Felicity’s “greatest hits.”

Episode 21 will be the first time where we will flashback to a time other than the island. Guggenheim teased that episode 21 will feature flashbacks to the days leading up to the ill-fated boat trip. In those flashbacks we’ll get to see Walter. We’ll also get see Stephen in the wig, but clean-shaven, which Guggenheim described as “uncanny.”

The season finale, episode 23, will be epic. Talking about the season finale, Guggenheim said that they wrote episode 22 as if it were a season finale. He remarked that on a lot of TV shows, that episode would work as the season finale, but on their show it will be just the beginning. Season 23 is apparently even bigger. Guggenheim teased, “Tommy’s got a cool moment with a gun in the season finale.” He also added that Thea will have her own cool moment as well.

The family drama will be cranked up in the season finale. Speaking more about the finale, Guggenheim said that the show was designed to be a Shakespearean drama with different generations. He said that everything will come to a head in the last 3-4 episodes of this season. There will be lots of drama between Oliver and his dad (who will cast a very large shadow in final 3 eps of the season), plus the relationship between Tommy and his dad, and how that affects friendship between Tommy and Oliver.

There is apparently a lot of sexual tension in the Arrow cave. When asked about possible sexual tension between Diggle and Felicity when he was training her to fight, Stephen Amell joked, “That’s what we do in the Arrow cave. We have sexual-tension filled training sessions. I mean there was some serious heat between me and Diggle earlier this season.”

What do you think now that you’ve heard more about the rest of this season from the Arrow cast and producer? Whose storyline are you most looking forward to seeing as the show grows closer to its season finale?

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