The Good Wife Season 4 Review “The Wheels of Justice”

This episode of The Good Wife left me kind of grossed out by the client of the week, kind of angry for Cary, confused yet again by Alicia, and sort of sad for Diane.

A few thoughts about “The Wheels of Justice”:

The case of the week was rather interesting because it was tried on the fly. Lockhart and Gardner were representing a client named Sweeney who was charged with a misdemeanor gun charge, but the prosecution was stalling in the hopes that they could get him to trial after the Supreme Court handed down a decision that would send him to prison for life. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t have minded seeing him go to prison forever. He was a arrogant, disgusting person who more than likely killed his first wife. That was really the reason the prosecution wanted to send him to prison for life. They couldn’t get him on his wife’s murder, so they were trying to get him under the 3 strikes rule. So, Will and Alicia requested the prosecution honor their request for speedy trial so they could get it to the jury before the opinion came out. The prosecution argued that they weren’t ready, but the judge made them go to trial anyway. Ultimately, Will and Co. were able to prove through expert testimony that Sweeney didn’t fire the gun and he escaped a life sentence.

The best thing about the case of the week was watching the banter between Diane and the defense team’s ballistics expert Kurt McVeigh. Diane recruited Kurt very suddenly, and despite his distaste for Sweeney, he agreed because of his feelings for Diane. It was kind of sad watching the two of them together though. They obviously care a great deal about each other, and they really like each other which is pretty important in a relationship. But for whatever reason they keep putting everything else in front of them getting together. Basically, they’ve been putting their careers before their personal lives and now they’re of a mature age and still alone. Diane seemed to come to the decision that she didn’t want to put off getting married any longer. What exactly was she waiting for? I guess that’s a problem for women trying to climb the corporate/career ladder though. They put everything off in favor of their career and then wake up one day and realize that’s all they have. I think that’s where Diane is now. Almost losing her law firm to bankruptcy may have opened her eyes to the fact that your career can’t be all you’ve got. It’ll be interesting to see whether she and Kurt actually decide to go through with getting married though. I hope they do because I really love Gary Cole. He is always a delight, and the chemistry he has with Catherine Baranski was wonderful.

Cary once again proved that the firm takes him for granted. He is the one who figured out the prosecution’s game and he’s the one that actually saved Sweeney. It really kind of makes me upset how poorly they’re treating him after all that he’s done. They act as if he hasn’t really pulled his weight around the firm, but just in the last couple of episodes we’ve seen that he’s brought in a major client and saved another client from life in prison. How much more does he have to do in order for the partners to realize just how valuable he is? They’ve finally given him an office, but it looks like they just cleared out an old storage room. Why not give him Alicia’s old office since they gave her new digs? It’s like they insist upon trying to make him feel inadequate and unappreciated. I will say it was good to see him working with Robyn too. I really like her. She’s smart, funny, and really good at her job. Hopefully we’ll get to see her branch off on her own a bit more so we can see what she’s like in the field. It would also be pretty cool to see her work with Kalinda again because they have such different styles.

We got to see Robyn working a case solo because Diane put Kalinda on something else. It looks like Diane has decided to accept the position on the supreme court (assuming Peter gets elected) and she wanted Kalinda to do a thorough background check on her. She wanted to know what she would be facing when it came time for her to be vetted as a justice. What Kalinda found really rocked Diane’s world. She ended up having to fire her housekeeper for writing Vampire Diaries fanfic on her computer. She found out that her father named names to the House Un-American Activities Committee back in the day. And Kurt had made some pretty radical comments about gun laws and secession. It was a rough few days for Diane. Although, it seems like all of those things kind of lit a fire under her. Diane has always struck me as the kind of woman that likes to take things head on, and now that she knows what she’s most likely going to be up against, I don’t see her backing down from it. She seems to be in a ‘bring it on’ state of mind. This could get interesting.

Alicia and Will were forced to test their resolve this week, and it seems like Alicia is the weak link. Sweeney demanded that a named partner work on his case, so Alicia and Will were thrown together again. Will tried to back out because he is seeing AUSA Hellinger, but Sweeney wouldn’t let him. Hellinger came right out and asked Alicia if she and Will were together, which Alicia vehemently denied. The truth is, Alicia absolutely still has the hots for Will. I think Hellinger picked up on that, and that’s why she lied and told Will that an old flame had come back into her life. She can see that Will and Alicia are still not over, and I don’t blame her for walking away before she gets in too deep. What Alicia is doing is really unfair. It’s not fair to Will, Hellinger, or herself. Why did Alicia even call Will that night? What was her endgame? What was the purpose in rekindling a fire that you just said couldn’t go anywhere? Alicia is trying to have her cake and eat it too, but that’s just not right. If she wants to be with Will, then leave Peter and go be with Will. But I don’t see how she can say that she loves Peter one minute and then in the next is calling Will for a booty call.

All in all, not a bad episode. I really enjoyed the judge this week and I always love to see him pop up. He’s hilarious. I really hope that Cary decides to make some moves to show the partners just how valuable he is. I just want him to stop being a nice guy for 5 minutes and show those partners how screwed they would be without him. So what did y’all think of this week’s The Good Wife?