The Amazing Race Season 22 Review “Be Safe and Don’t Hit a Cow”

This week’s The Amazing Race had a surprising finish. One of the stronger teams, Pam and Winnie, were eliminated. With these two gone, the top spot was seized by the hockey guys, Bates and Anthony. The departure of the Pam and Winnie highlighted that during the race even the smallest mistake can make all the difference.

The teams continued their time in the beautiful nation of Botswana. They faced logistical, physical and mental challenges which incorporated wildlife in interesting ways. As teams continue to drop off, the racers seemed more focused on the tasks at hand. It was one of the more enjoyable legs of the race to watch since the pace felt relaxed and the attitudes of the teams was generally upbeat. With the exception of Katie and Max, of course.

In the first challenge, Bates and Anthony took to supposedly crocodile infested waters on jet skis. The camera kept cutting between shots of the guys on the water with images of crocodiles swimming through the water. This was hokey. There was nothing suggesting that the guys were anywhere near the crocodiles, and the locals said that they’d checked and hadn’t seen any. Also, it is highly unlikely that the producers would have actually let the teams go into the water if there were crocodiles swimming around as shown.

For the rest of the teams, they had to ferry two baby goats downstream to their holding pen. Those little goats were the cutest things ever. It was nerve-wracking to watch the teams try to navigate the boats, because I didn’t want the baby goats to end up in the water. It wasn’t surprising that the goats ran from Winona and Chuck. They must’ve sensed that Chuck could kill and stuff them as souvenirs. The majority of the teams struggled with how to navigate the boat, and it was too funny when Joey tried to use his stick like a kayak paddle.

Two of the teams were delayed after getting caught in a speed trap. The country girls and Max and Katie had to expend valuable time going to the local police station. The country girls lucked out by finding someone who spoke English and was honest enough to take their $100 and exchange it for the local currency. For Max and Katie, their trip to the police station was just another reason to berate each other. The best part was when they pulled out of the parking lot and Max backed into a pole. Is it just me or do they not seem like newlyweds?

The donkey cart task was a difficult challenge for most of the teams, and Winnie and Pam ultimately switched to the memory game. This ended up being a mistake. It must have been the stress from the race that made them look at a picture of a rhino and think it was a hippo – twice. It is too bad that they ended up at the bottom instead of Katie and Max.
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